16th November 2019

Gwen came into rescue because her owner had died and the family were unable to take care of her. She was extremely stressed after losing her owner and was “nippy” towards people. She is 10 years young, and we believe had lived with her owner all her life, so it was understandable about the stress and nipping. She was collected from Wales and went into foster with Gary, Lynn and family, including their westie Orion, however whilst she was a loving little lady towards people she wasn’t towards poor Orion (who loves everyone). It became apparent that Gwen does not like other dogs, so she is now in foster with Lorraine and John in Hornchurch, where considering all that she has been through recently she has settled well and quickly. Lorraine says that even though Gwen is of mature years, she is a spritely girl, fully house trained, very inquisitive, eats and sleeps well, loves going out walking and traveling in the car. She loves cuddles and lots of fuss, and when really happy and contented will lie down for tummy rubs.
Gwen will “attach” herself to you and can then become a little possessive of you, but takes notice when told no firmly. She will also growl and try to nip still if she doesn’t get her own way and again takes notice if told no firmly. But overall she is the cutest, sweet natured little girl who would make a great companion for the right person. She needs a home where she is the only dog and owner must be “westie wise”.

Gwen is now in foster in Maidstone, Kent. If you have any interest in Gwen, please make sure you have sent in an application form and if you would like to contact Mo for a chat then please phone her on
01748 884998

20th February 2020

Gwens foster has given us an update on her.
Gwen loves to have a playful 5 minutes with her ball and also loves to just sit and watch the world go by. She is ok with older family members but not younger children. She sleeps well at night.
Gwen is mostly obedient, loves her food and learns well by treats and cuddles/praise. She likes to sit on a knee and will happily sleep next to you. She loves company but is happy to be left on her own for a few hours, giving you a great welcome home.
She loves her sleep but does not like to be disturbed whilst sleeping.
Gwen, like most westies, is very wilful and has her “own little ways”, she is house trained and lets you know when she needs to go out (and come back in again!)
This little lady has a lot of love to give the right owner, she prefers men to ladies and needs a strong tone to keep her in check. She loves a simple life so long as she is fed and has tummy rubs, she is happy. In her new home she needs someone or a family that are willing to take the time to get to understand her but at the same time be able to teach her the rules of the house.