Hamish McDuff


28th September 2019

Hamish needed to come into rescue because his owner has mobility problems, so could not meet his needs.
He is 16 months old, castrated, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated.
He had a very long journey from his home in Cornwall to his fosters Mo and Ian in North Yorkshire. Many thanks to Phil Lyons -John for transporting Hamish, who coped very well with the very long journey.
He has now been in foster with Mo and Ian since Monday 23rd September and is settling in very well with their other dogs. He eats his Trophy Small Bite Holistic food and sleeps happily in his crate at night. (He is used to sleeping in a crate).
His previous owner said that he had bitten her, as well as the groomer and the vet, however so far to date he has not made any attempt to bite Mo or Ian. He was groomed yesterday by Susie at Mudlarks Spa 4 Paws and she successfully groomed him without being bitten.
After his groom, Mo said in the evening he was totally full on, charging round the house, and outside in the garden with resident Scottie dog Wallace. He barked excitedly at the TV but stopped when he was firmly told “no”!
Mo and Ian have not been letting him on the sofas but last night he had other ideas and took a flying leap and landed on a stretched out Mo !
Hamish needs to learn some ground rules but is a very responsive dog (which westies are), but he does need to learn his boundries.

12th October 2019

Hamish continues to do well in foster, he is so loving and is very quick to learn. He loves the company of other dogs so we feel he needs to be rehomed with a resident dog.


The photos below are before and after his groom