Izzy needed to come into rescue due to a change of circumstance. When she came into WiN last year (Sept 2018) she was 6 years old, and has been in foster since, and has shown some strange behaviour issues. She has moments of extreme barking and unexplained anger and tension as well as some other strange behaviour. She has been examined by a vet to make sure there are no underlying health problems and to date nothing has been found. She has some positive points some of which are being enthusiastic and pleased to see people, she isn’t an “unhappy dog” and can ask for attention, but it has to be on her terms.  Izzy needs a patient home, in a quiet environment and to be an only dog. She is spayed and in foster with Jackie in Elsenham, Herts. If you would like some more information about Izzy please contact either Janie or Mo for a chat