Maggie has an approved Adopter

8th March 2020

Maggie is a gorgeous six year old little girl who is full of fun. She loves the experience of going out into the garden and exploring. She loves her toys and is happy kicking a ball around with her front paws while shaking another toy around in her mouth.
She is fascinated with the television and is prone to barking at it but will stop when you tell her to.
Maggie is a very loving dog who enjoys lying on your knee like a baby, being cuddled and having her tummy rubbed. Anyone can have a kiss from her ! She is very friendly and will go to anyone who visits the house.
She loves her walks and is friendly towards other dogs that she meets.

Maggie is in foster with Kevin and Mavis in Sunderland, and they say that they haven’t had any trouble with her, she goes to sleep no problem overnight and eats her meals as soon as they are put down for her. She came into rescue unspayed and is booked in to be spayed on Thursday 12th March.

17th March 2020

Maggie was spayed last Thursday (12th) and is recovering well

If you have any interest in adopting Maggie please fill out an application form found via the “Application Forms” button, and return to either Janie or Mo, the details found under “Contact Us”.