1st February 2020 

Rory is now living happily in his forever home

20th November 2019

Rory has a very sad story, his owner died a few weeks ago and he was taken in by the police to kennels where he has been up until today. Mo was contacted by a lovely vet who works with the kennels asking if we could help with Rory. He is 15 years young, and obviously very confused by the fact that his life has been turned upside down with the loss of his owner. He was a popular little chap at the kennels as he is friendly and considering his age, quite sprightly. He has dry eye which needs drops 4 to 6 times a day and has athritis in his joints, but again is on medication for that including pain relief. He needs dental treatment but this won’t be done for about a month as we feel he has been through so much so he needs to settle for a bit. He is in foster with Janie and Richard in Kent, and gets on well with their dogs. Normally Rory wouldn’t be on the website until fully assessed but he is just such a lovely little chap, with the usual age related ailments, and appears to just take everything in his stride. He ideally needs a quiet home to live out the remainder of his time feeling loved and safe.
It is early days for him, so will update at some point as to how he is getting on.
Thank you so much to everyone involved with helping Rory, including the police, the kennels and Vicky at St Pauls Veterinanry Clinic and for giving this little chap the chance to enjoy the future time that he has.
Update :- Rory has settled well but is in a lot of discomfort with his rotting teeth so he is booked in for a dental operation on 13th December 2019

17th December 2019

Rory is recovering well from his dental. He had 7 teeth out and the remainder descaled and cleaned. Whilst there he also had a lump removed from his eye lid and a dew claw removed. He is amazing for his age, and just wants to be loved and give love too. He loves his food, and has good energy for 15 years old.

25th January 2020

Rory has continued to do well and is now in foster with a view to being adopted by Ann in Portsmouth. He has settled well and hoping that he will live out his days with a sofa and new mum to call his own.