26th May – Sasha is now happy in her new forever home

8th February 2020

Sasha is 6 years old, microchipped and vaccinated, but not spayed (yet). She is an ex breeding bitch with servere sore skin and was no longer wanted.
She is in foster with Mo and Ian in North Yorkshire.
Mo is treating her skin with Dermacton soap bar showers every other day and massaging the Dermacton cream into her skin at night. Mo is also spraying Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare onto her skin every morning.
She went for grooming last Tuesday, (4th Feb) and now Mo is able to treat all of her skin. Sasha then went to the vets last Thursday (6th February) where she had to be sedated to clip her claws, some of which were bent round and growing back into her pads, which had then become infected. Her ears are also infected so Mo is treating those too.
Sasha is no longer scratching her skin, or biting her legs and feet. She has settled in so well with Mo and Ians other dogs, and they with her. She is very well behaved and loves her cuddles.
If you are interested in Sasha, please fill out an application to adopt and send to either Janie or Mo (details on the contacts page).

13th March 2020 UPDATE

Approximately 6 weeks of Sasha being in foster with Mo and Ian, what a difference ! She is a little sweetheart, and she lets Mo put the cream on her daily and she now only has the dermacton soap baths/showers once a week. She is not scratching/itching or biting her legs at all, but she still doesn’t like having her photo taken, bless her ! The below photos are of her progress