20th November 2019

Sophie needed to come into WiN because her owners sadly could no longer meet her needs. She will be 11 months old on the 28th of November. She was much loved by her owners, but being very young, has a lot of energy and when she is ready to be re homed she will need a home that can continue with the training she is getting that is teaching her the boundaries. She is house trained but is still learning the rest of the basics. She cannot be left on her own at the moment as she will destroy soft furnishings. She sleeps well and will snooze during the day but her foster Gary says “don’t be fooled when she’s snoozing, she is just recharging her batteries and dreaming up new ways to get into mischief” ! She walks well on a short lead, but is scatty on an extendable lead. She has not got any basic commands but is young still, so will no doubt pick up quickly with the right training.

23rd November 2019

Due to our fosters personal cirumstances Sophie has had to move fosters, but we are so grateful to our wonderful volunteers Gary and Lynn for collecting Sophie and starting her off on her way to becoming  rehomable. She is now in foster with Sarah and Robert in Grayshott, Surrey. It will be sometime before she is ready for re homing but updates will be given on this page.

Please note – Sophie isn’t ready for re homing yet as she is needing a lot of training for both behavioural issues and learning her boundaries.

(Unfortunately because Sophie is such a live wire, it is a little difficult to get decent photos of her)