Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

Westies In Need

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Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming
Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

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Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

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Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

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Westies In Need West Highland White Terrier Rescue and Rehoming

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New Beginnings


Here are just some of our “new beginnings” - the Westies and other small dogs that have come to us, which we have successfully rehomed.


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Hi Mo
I am loving my new home, with Elaine and Pip,I have a big garden to play in,and long walks by the sea, Mo I would like to thank you for finding me a loving friend, he is good with Pip, she is the boss!Fred likes to play, and can be funny, we cuddle up with Pip, and just let the time pass us by

Thank you for sending me a ray of sunshine



I love my new home with Dave and Helen, they love me so much, and I come back to Mo and Ian for my holidays, when Dave and Helen go away to get some rest!

Rufus and Hippo

Hi, I am Rufus (westie x scottie) I come back to Mo and Ian for my holidays, and when Sheila and Roy came to collect me last year, little Hippo had just come into Rescue, so he ended up going back home with us!We get on really well, although he is a little bit mad at times, whereas I prefer life a bit more of a steady rate, but that is not always allowed with the little tearaway. But we all love each other very much, and we also go to the caravan a lot,and have some lovely walks


Hi, yes I was adopted by Sheila and Roy, and my best friend is Rufus, but I think he thinks I am a bit too much at times, but I know he loves me really

I am a westie x yorkie, and I love my new life


Hi I am having a wonderful time in my new home,David and Maureen fell in love with me when they came to deliver the Trophy pet food which westies in need use for all their dogs, so I decided I would like to go and live with them, they have 2 VERY BIG DOGS and 3 CATS!
Anyway at first the dogs thought I was a little cat so did not really bother with me. Spencer the bold cat scratched my nose when I went near him, so I had to bark at him!

Now I run around on my walks with the dogs, and fall asleep next to Spencer on the sofa
Life is good when you are a little westie

update 18.10.11

What a picture ! me and my friends,David and Maureen are going to use this for their Christmas Cards this year, aren't I a STAR, the Trophy Taste Team


Well this Scottie has certainly got a lovely home with Pam and Fred, who have fostererd Westies for lots of years.He was a bit quiet when in foster, but Pam now says he is full of life, and loves to play.


Winston was in foster for quite a few months because of being hurt in his previous life, but one day Lynn and her Mum and Dad came with their Westie Daisy, and Winston for the first time with visitors came out of hiding and made a fuss of Daisy, they started playing together, and then the next thing he was on Lynnn's knee, We could not believe the difference in him!
So of course off he went very happily to his new home


Hi Mo

Sally here having a great time- been to the Castle in Flint town, and walked on the banks of the river Dee. My westie friend Barney and I go walking three times a day, weather permitting- I did upset Barney by eating his food , but we are friends again now

Hope all my friends are well, I will keep in touch
Lots of love, sally and Barney


Hello Mo and Ian
Firstly I would like to thank you for saving me, and finding me a lovely new Mum and Dad.
Everything is great here, and I think they love me very much.
Dad says I get away with murder!!!

Lots of love, hope you are both well.

Isn't life great!!

Isla xxxx


Hello Auntie Mo
Sorry it's taken so long to send you these photographs of myself. I've been busy lately what with long walks in the countryside, and exciting car journeys, with lots more long walks in the woods and by streams (where I sometimes fall in) that's what I really like! I also like rolling in things I shouldn't - so when I get home I have to have yet another bath!
All my fur has grown back perfectly, both Pat and Peter say I am such a handsome westie, even total strangers say what a beautiful little dog I am.
Anyway I must go now and have a little nap, as I have just come back from a 3 mile walk in the snow, so I am feeling a little tired.

Please give my love to Ian, I will try and send you more pictures of me in the snow.

Lots of love

Kenny xxxxxx


Some of you may remember me, I came into rescue with another westie bitch and Whiskey and Joy, we were all ex breeding dogs, taken from a puppy farm in London.
I was very frightened when I came into rescue as I had never been socialised or trained.
Well now I am in my lovely new home with Louise,Anthony, and my best friend their son Oliver, I am gaining cofidence, and now go out for walks without being scared.

I have just been for grooming so i thought you may like to see the new me!

Hello from Holly

Hello Mo and Ian,when Kevin and Alice adopted me,I soon found my favourite place on the sofa with Alice's Mum.Although I am a tiny westie I have a big personality, especially the bark! I make sure I tell them when I think it is feeding time

The lovely Auntie Lyn made sure I had my bed and I love curling up onto it at bedtime, I need my bed because there is a big garden here and I chase the boys up the garden which is great fun, but very tiring when you have little legs!

Hello from Snowy

Hello Mo and Ian, do you remember my adoption was literally hit and miss! Mo and Ian had been snowed in and the first attempt to rendezvous with Alice and Kevin at Penrith resulted in Mo and Ian in their vehicle becoming interwined with one of their farm gates. The second attempt was successful and I haven't looked back. My tail wags all the time, and I 'woo' when I am happy.I am such a friendly little boy and I love playing with Otis,Max,Holly, and Bonnie. My favourite thing at the moment is squirrel chasing.

Hello from Max

Hello Mo and Ian, Auntie Lyn said I was very hand shy when Alice and Kevin adopted me. She would not recognise me now as I love my fuss so much. I am a smashing dog (so I am told) I love playing in the garden with my friends,Otis, Snowy, and I nearly caught a squirrel when he was stealing the walnuts. It is a bit mad at times here but it is lovely in the evenings when we all sit on the sofa together. Earlier this year I went with Otis and Snowy on a narrowboat holiday and my picture is from when I was sitting in the Bow.

Hello Mo,Ian, and Lyn, from Kevin and Alice

Thank you so much for letting us adopt 3 of your lovely Westies. they bring us so much joy. Otis who is also a rescue Westie, loves having the doggies to play with. All the young dogs keep Bonny, who is nearly 13 seem a lot younger than her age.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in rescueing these special dogs.


Hello Everyone

This is me SNOWY in the snow. I didn't know what it was and was a bit frightened to walk in it at first, but Mam and Dad showed me what fun it was to play in, and it's great! Life is super for me now. I've got lots of doggy friends who I meet up with on my walks. My Mam and Dad call me their little treasure, even though I can be a bit of a cheeky chappie sometimes! Next week I am going with Mam and Dad for a weeks holiday to Stratford on Avon, but the bestest ever news is I've got my very own passport, and am going to a place called France in March.Gosh that will be exciting. Mam says I don't need to worry as 'woof woof' is the same in french!
Give my love to all the doggies in your care, and I hope they find super homes soon.
Merry Christmas and
Love to everybody

Snowy Killen xxxxx


Hello to everyone at 'westies in need'.
I'm very happy here in my new home,I am growing more confident by the day.I've now been castrated and my skin is getting so much better, as a result of this.I go to the park every day and play with my new doggy friends-I love my 'walkies'.I do not like having baths but I am starting to realise that they make my skin feel better.I love watching television! I enjoy constant company, and relish the regular flow of visitors coming around to fuss and admire me!
A big doggy lick to Auntie Lyn for looking after me before I came to my new forever home


Hi everyone
Just to let you know I was adopted by Pete and Norma recently and I am happily living in my new home with my new best friend Max who is 14 but very fit and a good role model (well, most of the time) We have a big garden but go out for miles on the local moorland twice a day-the smells are all new but for a little dog with a keen nose and a sense of adventure,very exciting! I easily made friends with all the other dogs on the same walks and we have a lot of fun. Life is good for an adopted Westie.
I've now got my jabs up to date and had a wash and cut.You'll have to agree I'm a handsome looking boy now.Pete took my picture just so all you girls can see what you are missing!

Love to all- Jack

Snowy Life in France

Well this a bit different than my SNOWY picture!
Hello Mo and Ian, (remember me) (how could we forget!)just thought I would give you an update of my life in France
We have been here 3 weeks now, and do not go back for another 6 weeks!
I travelled very well,but we had a couple of holidays in the UK over the winter,so I had a bit of practice.It was a long,long, journey to Folkstone, then we got on a big train for just 35 minutes.After that there was another 2 hour drive until we arrived at an hotel. My bed was on the back seat of the car, so for most of the time I just lay in it. Mam said I was excellent,and very well behaved in the hotel. The next day we had another very long drive, and I noticed on one of the 'comfort stops' that people were speaking 'funny' and I could not understand them. Well at last we pulled up at a house, and I was a bit scared at first, but realised Mam and Dad were staying with me, so I made myself at home-literally.
The outside space is lovely, I love playing with my ball in the garden. We get friends coming to visit, to see me, of course!and I have quickly trained them, so life is great!
The weather has been very hot this last week, but there are a few shady places so Mam makes sure I do not get too overheated, I love chasing the lizards, but never catch one.
Last week mam bought some bedding plants , and spent ages planting them, and was enjoying herself. Next day i thought I would please her, and dig some up, so she could enjoy herself all over again! I got into a bit of bother over this,and called me 'a little monkey' which confused me as I am a dog!
There are some excellent walks, really long ones, When it is hot though we can only walk in the early morning, and evenings.
Dad took some pictures of me, so I am sending a couple, I love lying on the top of the settee, especially when I am tired from my walk.

Thanks to you I'm really very happy , and life is so very different for me now.

Love to all of you

Snowy xxx


I thought you may like to hear how I am getting on in my new home.Well a couple of weeks ago I had my big operation, to everyones suprise, and pleasure, I was trotting around as if nothing had happened, just a few hours later. I could not go on walks for a few days, but I am fully recovered now and bouncing with energy. I now weigh 7.5kg which the vet thinks is fine, I do love eating though!

Last week we went to a chalet in mid Wales, I was a bit confused at first, and thought I had better 'scent' mark it, and my much improved personal hygiene let me down a bit! But at home I have been so much better, . We saw the sea and relaxed in the sun.I am going again next month, which will be pleasant, and i hear that if I am good, I could be the chosen one to go there with my owner, when he paints it in the autumn. I am a very good traveller, of course. The old dog finds the journey very tiring now, , I just sleep! The yorkie I live with, does not seem to like me very much, I suppose it is because I try to steal his food and grab his toys. I sleep at the bottom of the bed as he objects to me trying to edge up higher! We walk well together though.

The big old dog here had a major dental yesterday, with 7 teeth removed. She is rather dozy today, I leave her alone, well she is large!

I thought you may like this photo of me, taken at the chalet.

Love to you all and my former companions


Mo says her computer must be having a 'senior moment'- like her!
My picture won't 'upload' so Mo will try later


Just to say 'thank you' to Lyn, I've settled into my new home. I am always a good girl, and have lost some weight at last! meet lots of my new friends on my walks, Mum says we are off to the seaside soon, so I can play on the beach-can't wait!

Love, Milly xxx

Hello from Ted

Hello Ian and Mo

Just to let you know I am doing really well and loving my new home! I am getting to know all the neighbours and am always a good boy when I meet them when I'm out on a walk.Lesley has had to go for something called an operation on her foot, so she cannot do much at the minute really, but Steph and I go on some great walks, we go through fields and woods, usually both on the same walk- I love sniffing everything, it's great fun! The only thing is Steph shouts 'no' very loudly every time I bark at every other dog I meet on the walk! Steph says 'why can't you just be a nice boy like you are in the house',-but I don't know what she means really. She is going to take me to something called 'training classes',whatever that is, to see if they can stop me doing it, so I will have to let you know what happens. I have been out with Steph and Lesley's friends Lynn and Darren, and they have 3 dogs, one called Biscuit, who is a lady Labx, and I love her very much! They also have a Springer Spaniel called Romy, and another Spaniel called Archie,and I like them too, but not as much as I like Biscuit! The first time I met them I barked my head off at them all, but now they are my good pals, and I love playing with them.
I have been good in the house, and also have good fun barking at the dog on the Dulux advert when he barks at the end.Sometimes when Steph sees the advert coming on she says 'quick, where's the remote', and turns it down, but I know when it's on and just save my bark up for another time! I love running up and down stairs too, they are really good fun! I have got a new hard rubber ball, it's the only thing I haven't been able to chew to bits-yet, but I'll keep trying. Lesley and Steph always say 'Mo was right, he is a lovely boy, isn't he, he is not a bit of bother' that's when I think thy are talking about me, because they usually give me lots of cuddles as well.
Well, I just thought i would let you know I am doing okay and very happy in my new home. I still think of you both and miss you lots, and have lovely dreams about my lovely life with you both. I would love to see you if you ever come up this way, or if Steph and Lesley go to Cumbria they could bring me and we could meet up then, I would love that !
By the way I nearly forgot! Lynn told Steph that when she was out dog walking the other day,she met a lady with 2 westies, and guess what? they came from West House! Lynn didn't get her name, or the name of the dogs, but there were two of them and she said they came from 'West House Westies' so maybe it was a while ago? Do you have any idea of who this might be?? Steph said, isn't it a small world!!
Lots of love and hugs to you both
Little Teddy Tonka xxxxxxx

Note from Mo
Teddy Tonka was very special little boy to us, we miss him, but he could not have gone to a better home.
Yes we were West House Westies (the name of our home) but Sandra, a wonderful supporter, came up with the new name, a few years ago, of Westies in Need, which we think says it all


Hi Mo

Tia here, I sent you some photos a short time ago and I am doing really well. I have gained a whole kilo in weight since I moved to sunny Cheshire. I would love to feature on your 'New Beginnings' section of your website, so everyone can see what fun I am having.
I was very quiet and gentle whilst I was in rescue, I am still gentle but I am quite playful now and constantly on the go! Everone says my eyes are lovley and bright and lots of people admire me and ask what sort of dog I am., so we tell them I am a Yorkie/Parsons Jack Russell cross.
I have learnt how to bark a bit now although I do not do this very often, usually when I get excited to meet a new friend. I have made lots of new friends, both human and doggy.
Later this month, I am going on a seaside holiday to Scarborough. I think I'll enjoy the sea air, and staying in the camper van overnight as I've already been on a few outings and I do love a day out in the van.

Love from Tia xxx

Hilda and Hoots

Some of you will remember these 2 ex breeding bitches being 'dumped' in South Wales and brought into rescue in a dreadful state, matted, totally neglected and ear infections, needing dental work.
Well the lovely Fiona adopted them, at boy look at them now!
Well done Fiona what happy girls they are now

Sorry but the pictures will not transfer to the website so I have asked Fiona to resend in jpgimagefile

Misty and Holly

Some of you may remember we had these 2 girls in rescue, Misty was 15 and Holly was 10, well much to our suprise we re-homed them to some lovely people who already have a 3 year old westie called Mac
Well Mac and Holly are now great mates and play together, Misty is a bit grumpy at times, but hey she is an old lady. They are learning to be independent and wander about by themselves, which is great

Freddie- now named Bric as in bric a brac!

Hi boy am I enjoying my new home with my best friend Millie who Bridie says has turned back into a young dog since I arrived! We have some lovely long walks, and although I have only been in my new home for a few months it seems like I have always lived here, it is great!

Ruffles - the Yorkie

Hi Mo, it's me Ruffles! I am setling in fine with my new Mam and Dad (Arthur and Yvonne) we go to the park every morning, and night, I am looking forward to going on the beach when the weather is better. It is great here with my new friend Ollie May, the Collie, I get on with the cats also!

See you soon

Ruffles xxxx

Millie from Bath Somerset

Hi Mo and Ian
Don't you rememer me? - I was found in a park last winter with Maisie another westie, the lovely Steve (who has westies) found us, and took us to westies in need, until my new Mum and Dad saw me on your website and took me into their home in Bath in January 2011.
At first I was a little anxious but quickly discovered lots of lovely walks with lots of things to chase like squirrels and rabbits.I love going in the car, particulary in their old MG which is in the picture.Have been on lots of classic car rallys where people make a big fuss of me, and I write articles for a car magazine sometimes. Now that it is summer here I spend most of my time at my Mum and Dads caravan in Devon, which I love.
My new life is really lovely, although Mum and Dad are muttering about dog training classes as they reckon that I have taken over the house, but I think I am just a normal westie.

Thank you for taking me in and giving me the opportunity of a new start in life.

Love Millie Meopham

Mo says many many thanks to the wonderful Steve for rescueing these 2 lovely girls

Katie (left) Sam (right)

Hello Everyone

We both came from westies in need -Sam in December 2010 and Katie in February 2011. You may have seen Sam's picture already on 'new beginnings'- well look at him now- a different dog! When we first got Sam, his skin was not great, and neither was his coat- but with a bit of TLC and lots of baths, he now looks and feels fabulous- a picture of health. Never be afraid to take on a westie with skin problems.

We are still not sure if we are going to be Mr and Mrs or Brother and Sister- but Katie is most definately the boss! Sam loves having Katie around- Katie tolerates Sam!

Thank you again everyone at westies in need xxx


I am a very happy westie here in my new home, I have a town residence and a country residence ! I love my new Mum and Dad (Barbara and Al) and came to live with them in Rothwell, Northants just over 2 weeks ago.

We go to the caravan a lot and have 1/2 acre of land to protect. I have made friends with the horses and foals in the adjoining fields. I play with my westie friend Ben twice a week, and we get on really well.

I have a special chair by the window, and sit on the window sill to watch people going by.

Thank you Mo and Ian for finding me such a lovely home.



Hi Mo and Bernie

Well I am now in my 'forever home' in Great Dunford, near Salisbury. My new Mum and Dad (Lynn and Gary) are really looking after me. We arrived home on saturday at almost 5pm and I immediately went off exploring my new garden and sticking my nose in every corner.

After dinner we all settled down to a relaxing evening in front of the fire, and I fell asleep snuggled up to Mum. I had a very good nights sleep, they bought me a new posh bed which is lovely to snuggle down in.After breakfast I again went out into MY garden, and let everyone know I was here, especially the cat next door! It's really great having the whole run of the house and garden, I can come and go as I please and have already had my first chance at chasing the Pheasants from MY garden, which was great fun !

I know Mum and dad have taken some photo's of me relaxing on the sofa, and as soon as Mum gets over her technlogy phobia, which Dad teases her about Mum will post some pictures of me, for all to see.
Tons of love
Great Dunford

so so sad, little Daisy has passed away peacefully whilst asleep, our thought go to Bernie, foster, and Gary and Lynn who adopted this sweet girl, and gave her the best loving home possible, thank you, she can now run free over Rainbow Bridge RIP

Grace Shih Tzu

Hi Aunty Mo
Just a quick note about my week.I am feeling much better now and eating lots! so I am filling in quite nicely. I have also learnt to 'yap'! and sometimes gets me what I want, but it also gets me lots of smiles from my Family.Mummy bought me a warm fleece coat and took me for a short walk in the meadow the other day. She said I was a very good little girl, and walked like a real princess. When I got home I was quite tired and decided I would have to go back to bed and decided Sophie's nice double bed would be just the thing. So I yapped until I was lifted up. When I woke up I yapped again to be carried back off again! I thought this was a very good game.

Everyone says I am a very good girl and they adore me

My fur is growing back nicely and is a lovely cream colour. Mummy bought me some more of the 'magic' cream that you used on me (Mummy thinks Grandad could probably do with some)
Anyway got to go now it's nearly my bedtime again.

Lots of licks to you, Uncle Ian, and my doggy friends

Grace x

Note from Mo
I am sure you will remember grace being in rescue with little fur, and sore skin, and dreadfully underweight,what a difference tls can make, with a little help from the Dermacton Cream!

Treacle and Toffee

Hi Mo and Ian
Just to say many thanks for rescuing us and giving us such a good home whilst we were with you and all the other furry friends at West House.
Well we have now been down in Essex for nearly 3 weeks and are enjoying ourselves 'Down South'. Norma and Mike say they know what you meant when you said we were mischievous.......... nut they love us so much and we are having such a good time.Lots of long walks, play times and cuddles!
The nice lady from Trophy Foods came to visit us and sat on the floor and made a fuss of us. We got lots more food and some dog discs.
Last week we went to Sussex for a few days and had some lovely walks (well runs really) on the beach . Met lots of people and we heard Norma and Mike saying how wonderful Westies in Need are and how lucky they are
that you allowed them to have us.... so we must be being good !
We are sending some pics of us
Thank you again for looking after us when we were with you.

Lots and Lots of Tail Wags.....Treacle and Toffee xx

Note from Mo
Some of you will remember these 2 scamps were strays and due to be put to sleep, so we adopted them, we have had a number of people who wanted to adopt one or the other but these 2 are such close fiends we couldnmot do this so we waited untl the right home came along, and it certainly did with Norma and Mike

Hamish and Harry

Settled down really well in our new home, enjoying lots of woodland walks.Our favourite walk is down to the local farm to wake up the horses and chase the bunnies.
Had a busy day today, big walk,swims,and gardening in this afternoon.
Now having lots of cuddles, and Harry has fallen asleep having a tummy rub.
Mum says it's bath night again tomorrow ! But we get warm towels afterwards.
Mum and dad love us to bits, and we love living here.
With lots of love to you all
Hamish and Harry, Jenny and Gordon
The very happy Westie-Smith Family!

Charlie and Suzie

Hope you remember us-Charlie and Suzie who were rehomed in October 2011 and went to live on the Wirral. Our new Mummy has only managed to get the photograph she took of us transferred onto the computer- silly Mummy! We love our new forever home very much-we have a big garden, and there is a public footpath along side it, we love to bark at everyone who walks on it, to tell them to keep out of OUR garden.
This picture was taken before our 1st trip to the groomers- we are now much neater, the staining on our paws and beards has almost gone, and Suzie's little bald patch on her nose has now grown new fur and she looks extra cute. We are now both our correct weight too.
We love going on long walks through the fields, but I (Charlie) don't like other dogs or some people, so Mummy avoids them when we walk, and is taking me to socialising classes next month. Mummy says I am a very very clever little boy- I showed her some tricks that impressed her. Suzie loves me and follows me everywhere and I look after her- I helped to house train her. Mummy says one of the cutest things she ever saw was when Suzie got a leaf stuck on her chin and couldn't get it off, and I walked up to her and picked it off-I got an extra treat for that one!
Mummy says that after I have been socialised and behave myself she will take me to the beach with all the other dogs, so I had better try and behave myself- hee hee-

Our favourite games are fetching a ball and Mummy spends lots of time playing with us- she also bought Kong toys and we love them especially if there if there is a bit of soft cheese inside mmmmmmm

Thank you Auntie Mo and Uncle Ian for looking after us and helping us get our new forever home.
Big woofs and Westie hugs
Charlie and Suzie
(with a bit of help from Ruth and Colin)

Note from Mo, some of you may recall Suzie was one of 2 (Sal) ex breeding puppy farm bitches who we rescued, very underweight, with mange, and very very sore skin, with the help of Trophy feed, and the magic Dermacton Cream and Soap Bar, made such a difference

Petal- now Pebbles

Hi Mo and Ian
I have been in my forever home now for 7 months, and I am having a wonderful time. I love the beach and the sea, and my new Dad takes me down to the local pub, where I have made loads of new friends who make a fuss of me and when I see the pub cat I make as much noise as I can, so everyone knows me!
Since September I have had a Westie puppy to look after and play with, took me a little while to learn how to play but now we get on really well.
My fur has grown really thick but I have not managed to grow my undercoat.I have just had a little fur cut, I was really good as I love the fur dryer. My Dad took my picture on the beach just after my fur cut so you could see me looking my best.
Thank you Mo and Ian for all those months making me better

Love from Pebble, Pauline, and Keith

Note from Mo

Some of you may remember Petal coming into rescue, she was a stray, most likely an ex breeding puppy farm bitch, with very very sore and black skin, and very underweight, thanks to the Dermacton Cream and Soap, and the Trophy food (and some tlc) she was able to go to her lovely new home

Saffy now Millie

You may remember us accepting an ex puppy farm dog into rescue with what the vet described as 'learning disabilities' -could not use her back legs, and was blind

Well she went to live with Fiona (we did not request a donation, just wanted a lovely home for her)- well Fiona has turned her into a real star, Millie chases around, can see, has a slight problem with hearing (but that could be she is a westie) and is a bundle of fun

Well done Fiona


Dear Mo and Ian

It's been a couple of weeks since I was collected by Evi and Alan, and although I was suffering with colitis for a couple of days, I went to the vet last week and she gave me an injection and some medicine (which gets hidden in my food, and I pretend I do not notice it) and I am feeling much better now
I have settled into my new home in Rousdon, Devon,and have loads of woods and fields to walk in, and today we walked all the way to the beach, which was great fun as you can see from the picture. I even got my feet wet!
I am now allowed off my lead whilst walking and i am much less 'brave' when I see other dogs now, and much more friendly. I like to chase all the pheasants and squirrels though!
I have settled in really well allready and Evi and Alan said they are very happy with me.I am eating my Trophy food very well, and have even worked out how to climb up and open the kitchen bin which I like to check occasionally just in case there is anything interesting inside!

I spend lots of time being tickled and stretching out in front of the fire.I have enjoyed a bath, and I am very happy.

Miss you all, and will keep in touch



Dear Mo and Ian
Well, it's nearly 2 weeks since I came to live in my new home in Darlington, with June and her other 3 westies, and I am settling in really well.
We go for nice long walks every day, and I have a lovely big garden to play in. I even went off my lead for a while this morning, and I was very good, June calls me her 'little treasure'!
I play with Abbi and Kira quite a lot but I am a bit wary of Holly yet, as she is second-in-command here, so I am not too sure of her yet when she tries to play with me.
I had my haircut on Wednesday and did not like it much at first,but soon settled down.You can see in my picture I look just like the others now- left to right is Holly,Kira,me and Abbi.
Thank you for looking after me for so long and for finding me such a lovely new home.
June says thank you too for a little sweetheart like me!
Love to everyone
Note from Mo
After having Ralph for so long, and him being such a sad little pup, we are so pleased June adopted him, and is giving him the happy life he so deserves

Hello From Ralph (formerly Tom)

Hello Mo,Ian, and all my Westie Pals at West House
I wanted to thank you very much for taking me in, and finding me my new forever home with Sandra and Derm.I have been here now for two weeks and beginning to relax and enjoy my new life in the Peak District.I am told by everyone in the village where I live that I am a lovely little lad and I love all the tickles I get from everyone I meet.Sandra was really suprised how much I love being brushed, but she did mention the bath word, which I am not too keen on so we are leaving that for now!
Derm and I go on potrol around the village and into the fields every day, and I say hello to Charlie who is the other village Westie. I am making myself at home and looking forward to going away for the weekend, as I love being in the car, looking out of the window from my car bed.
All is well for me thanks to Westies in Need, especially Mo and Ian, because without your care and love Sandra, Derm and I would never have found each other. We will always be eternally grateful to you both.
Time to hit my doggie bed and have a good old snooze.
All my love to you Mo, and Ian, and big barks to my Westie pals at West House
I will never forget you
All my love Ralph (formerly Tom) xxx

Duffy and Bertie

The boys have rally settled in the last few months, it feels like we have always had them.
Bertie's really settled in well especially as he is more confident and likes to come and cuddle with you when he is not out chasing squirrels in the garden! Both of their characters have really come out, Duffy does not like to go out in the mornings- instead he likes to sneak up into the bedrooms if he is not caught first. Bertie likes to go out all the time and guards the garden most of the day. They are more independent from each other, at first they used to sit together a lot, but they now spend most of the days doing their own thing, except when they go for a walk where they walk next to each other, and stalk you round the house. Our when they race down the garden, which has left a permanent channel of dead grass.
As you will see they enjoyed the snow in the park a lot. The park is their favourite place to be because there are a lot of squirrels and water for them to 'play' with.Duffy 'talks' a lot in the park, which is like half barking and half howling when he gets over excited!
They went of their first holiday with us a few weeks ago in our caravan, which they loved.
We recently discovered they enjoy the water.Especially Duffy, who takes EVERY opportunity to get muddy and wet. Which results in lots of baths, which makes them both very cross.
We are so lucky to have them, they are really delightful dogs. Everyone who meets them comments on what lovely, well behaved dogs they are.
Hope you are all well, and thanks again for giving us these great little pups.

Toby 2

Hello Mo and Ian
I am settling in, and starting to learn my boundries.
The 1st day they thought I was an angel, and did not know why I had so many homes prior to coming into Westies in Need. Went into my crate at night, with no noise.....and then they found out!
I launched myself onto the table and stole their dinner, jumped up and stole a sandwich they were eating.Had the eating habits of a starving wolf, tried to steal the other dogs food. Wouldn't leave poor Billy Scottie,( also from Westies in Need), kept nipping him so that he would chase me. Went crazy at vacuum cleaner, car, ambulance,lights going past, and barking/chasing bird shadows on the lawn.But they say I am here to stay, I am young and will learn.
Proud to say I now sit and leave,as the other 2 are given their bowls first. I am calmer when my owners eat their dinner, I just have to be reminded to sit and wait like the others (several times) and mine will come soon.Sometimes I have to have 'time out' and go into my crate, I am still aware of reflections and shadows, but not going crazy anymore, sometimes I forget if I am playing or sleepy.
Bill has started to play and chase with me, but I want to play all the time and he won't, so I nip him and he shows me his big white teeth.I have started 'naughty boy' classes, can sit, and now practicing 'wait'. This is very hard, I just cannot concentrate for that long. Must be a good class though as my brothers say they have lots of parties, dressing up (ugh) and when it's your birthday the owner has to bring a special doggy cake for us all to share.
I have just had a week at an Agility Show beside the beach, watching brother Bill, I was so excited when I arrived, so many dogs running and barking, just like me. I so wanted to be let off the lead and chase,but they did not trust me to come back.I was allowed to have a little practice, and thought it was fun chasing Bill through the tunnels. We went paddling and met some pals from our other clubs, all entering the competition or watching. Played with 2 new pals, nearer my age, we were all so tired in the car on the way home.
Well, I am now rested and playing with my squeaky toys, upsetting Bill.Don't know why he is so tired, all he did was running and jumping.They seemed pleased as he got a 1st and a lot of rosettes, I wanted to play with them but he was having his photo taken.
This weekend we are off to a display at a fete. She said I was going to have a bath, in case 'she' enters me in the Dog Show.
Bye for now,
Lots of love
Toby2, the Scotties, Michele and Jon

Note from Mo
We call him Toby 2 as Michele and Jon had another Westies in Need dog a few years ago, also called Toby, he had a wonderful life with them, was a real cheeky face, and won more laughs and applause because of his antics, as much as his fun work,sadly he died a few months ago, hence now Toby 2!


Hi to all the westies up there in Yorkshire, with Mo and Ian. I hope you are all behaving yourself and not getting into too much mischief! I have settled into my new permanent home with Celia and John down here in Warwickshire, and have been having a great time in my new surroundings. I have a large garden to play in and there are plenty of squirrels and pidgeons to chase. I haven't caught one as yet ! I have had my jabs and a wash and trim, so I am up to date with everything. Celia says I am looking very smart and beautiful.
love to you all,



Dear Mo and Ian
As we have now had Jessie for a whole month.I thought I would let you know how she is doing. She has settled in so well with us, she loves to go out for walks, is very friendly with people, and her favourite spot in the house, is sitting on the arm of the sofa, so she can look out of the window and bark at everything that passes by. She is such a good girl and a real pleasure to have.
In September we are taking her to the Lake District for a holiday which I think she will love.
I will keep you in touch of how she is.

With Love
Tracy,Steven, and Jessie


Hi Mo and Ian
Well it's been nearly 4 months since our Tilly came to her forever home in the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, and she has been badgering me to give you an update ( she's a clever girl) Tilly is an absolute joy and has brought so much fun and pleasure into our lives.She has lots of quirky little ways and loves nothing more than going for walks in the country, and snaffling the cat's food when she gets the chance!
She is a real "Daddy's Girl" and is never far away from either of our sides- she even goes to work with Ade and gets fussed there to her hearts content.Everyone loves Tilly she is such a happy,healthy,and loving dog, and just one of the many success stories to come from Westies in Need. Tilly wears a smart new tartan collar so her old westie pals are never far from her heart! Here she is at Ade's feet getting fussed as usual, and will always send big love and woofs to all at West House.
Much love to you Mo and Ian,you do amazing work

Andy and Adrian, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Note from Mo
Thank you so much boys for your very kind words, Tilly could not have a better home than with you two-thank you


Hello Mo and Ian, just a quick note to let you know what I have been doing during my 1st week with Carrie and Michael. I have settled in really well, and get to go on a car ride every day, which I love, some of the rides are very comfortable as I get to lie on the sofa seat in the camper van, others are quite noisy I am told it is because the car is 75 years old! I haven't been left in the house yet, as I have been going to work with Carrie in her shop, I have been a very good boy there, not bothering customers, but getting quite a few pats, I did not have much to say for the 1st few days,but I am letting Carrie and Michael know now when I am unsure of a sound or smell.


I have settled in my new home very well indeed, Brenda made me very welcome-she put me a ramp so that I can get on and off the sofa easily , I am quite quiet but always make it very clear when I'd like some fuss.
I have a few quirks and I am very wary of sculptures and wooden carvings that I think look too realistic. Once I have checked them out properly then I am not too wary!

Brenda loves me very much and most nights I sleep with my head resting on her. She moves round quite a bit in the night, but I always find somewhere to snuggle up next to her.
I am very happy

Taffy from Claudia in Ireland, now called Lucy

She is getting a lot of new hair growth again on her tummy and chest, the improvement has been amazing. She is such a happy little dog compared to when we got her, she was so shy and timid for the first few weeks and then from nowhere she changed and began being the lovely dog we have today.She loves sitting on my lap whilst I am doing work on the computer, and only jumps down when she gets too hot, or there is food in her bowl.
We are hoping to move to a bigger house next year, after we get married, and we would really like to look into getting a friend for Lucy, so she has someone her own size to play with in the garden.
She also has a big interest in squirrels and regulary chases them in the park, but she never catches them as they are too quick even for her.She can be very fast when she chooses to be, otherwise it's a slow trot everywhre with lots of sniffing to see who has been where.
Dave,Kasia, and Lucy

Note from Mo
some of you may remember this little westie as Taffy, who came into rescue with Claudia in Ireland, with really sore and blackened skin, so we arranged to bring her to us, we changed her name to Saffy, but then when Dave and Kasia adopted her, they named her Lucy, which we all think really suits this special little girl


Mo and Ian
This is the little girl now,as adventurous as any Westie should be, and boy can she get anywhere and is really fit, her leg problems is 'almost' invisible now as the musles have tightened up and got stronger, she is not dragging that left back leg at all now. her and George Westie, (also from Westies in Need)are getting on like a house on fire and she loves and follows big Elsa everywhere when out.
Can still be grumpy knickers, but usually when she is very, very, tired, and who isn't then, but she is learning the boundries and what 'no' means1

Dave and Maureen (our local Trophy reps- lovely people)
Here she is with the Trophy taste Team, and George westie from us


To Mo and Ian
Hi, it's Henry here.I have settled in very well in my new home in Sheffield. I was really good in the car on my way home. I am enjoying my Trophy food, and I love being walked. I especially love walking up through the woods to school to meet Lewis at the school gates.
I am being a very good boy and I am becoming very attached to my loving family.
Lot's of love, and a BIG thank you for finding me my family.
Henry xx


Just a quick note to know how Lucy is settling in
She has been to lots of places and is starting to realise what an exciting world it is.
Her favourite things are chasing squirrels and going out in the car.
Unfortunately she is both a mud magnet and a cuddle monster- not a good combination!
She is very well behaved at work, although she was so tired she spent most of the time under the desk having doggy dreams.
We are thrilled to have her,and it is lovely to see her inner terrier coming out.
I have been trying to get a nice picture of Lucy, but she is either moving at speed, covered in mud, or fast asleep.
I have attached a 'muddy' photo so you can see what we are dealing with!
note from Mo, sorry the picture quality is not good, but if pictures are sent with too many pixels they will not upload to website, so I have to print and scan, and the picture loses quality


Dear Mo and Ian and all the doggies
It was a long journey to my new forever home in the West Midlands with Carol and John but I slept for most of it.Carol said I was golden but you had told me I was a West highland White, so it was a bit confusing.
My new housemates are very nice to me but I am not sure they know my name as they keep calling me "Drop It!"
Everyone says I am adorable- particulary the ones who do not look as tired as Carol and John. I have learnt to sit infront of my food until I am told I can eat.How clever is that?
Much love and licks, Harvey xx

Ralphie was Alfie

Hello Aunty Mo
this is little Alfie getting intouch. I am called Ralphie now as there is an Alfie inthe family already, where the Pointers live.Mum calls them donkeys because they are so big and we do not often go for walks with them.
Mum waited for a while before she got intouch, to give me time to settle down, although she said it did not take long. I really like my forever home, we go for walks and trips out to the countryside where my sister Daisy says we can chase rabbits as much as we like. We have a caravan where we all have to tuck in, and it's fun.In the spring we are going to France and I will have to have a thing called a passport like Daisy has. Mum and Dad will take us to the seaside because we like chasing around on the beach.
When I first came to live here I went to the groomer's and the vet's , everyone said I was so good, and Mum said it was all thanks to you and Gary and Bridie, I am what people call "popular".
We have a lovely time in the garden, we chase squirrels and sometimes we chase birds, although we are not supposed to, but we seem to get away with it most of the time, Mum and Dad are very keen on wildlife, and so are we, although we like it for different reasons!
Mum and Dad are sending a picture to let you know how happy my new beginnings are, thank you Aunty Mo for all the hard work you put in to getting us westies intouch with westie mums and dads.
Very kind regards from our family, Kate, Jim, Daisy and Ralphie


Hi, Kizzy here,just to let you know how things are going.I am now living with Linda and Terry who adopted mw before Xmas, i am now in my home in Durham, I am getting loads of love and attention, and especially like my tummy scratched.As you can see my coat is growing longer, and my skin is improving. The vet says it will take time but says I will eventually have a full coat, and my skin condition is under control.At home 3 family dogs visit regulary with the Grandchildren.i get on well with them all after initially being a bit apprehensive. I am also learning to play with my toys, though why I need to bring them back after they have been thrown to the other side of the room, still puzzles me! I also enjoy my daily walks where I meet other dogs and their owners.
Thanks to Mo and Ian I am now looking forward to a happy and healthy life with Linda and terry, and their family

note from Mo
some of you may remember how Kizzy first looked when she came into rescue, sore and bleeding skin, blackened chest,ear and eyes infected etc


Hi Mo and Ian, its Baxter here!!! I am sorry not to get in touch sooner but we have all been having such a really good time here on the Pennine moors. I live with my forever friends Pat and her westie called Hattie.We all get on really well and love each other so much. Pat and Hattie say they cannot imagine life without me. Fancy that ! We all go on big long walks up the moors, then me and Hattie fall asleep by the stove. Bliss. Hattie is lovely but a bit bossy so I do as I am told. Ha Ha. I must say I have put on a bit of weight but Pat says I look fit and healthy- the vet says so too! I am so relaxed and happy.Pat is so glad she found me at Westies in Need. Thank you Mo and Ian for everything.

Pat,Hattie, and Baxter xxx

note from Mo, sorry picture quality not good, came through with too many pixels and would not upload to website, so I have had to scan, and print, to add to website


Hello Mo and Ian

It is now 12 weeks since I left North Yorkshire for my forever home in South shields, with Keith and Susan, I am now 6 months old and love my new home by the sea, I have a lovely garden to play in, and I go on walks every day along the coast, and have met lots of new friends. I especially like playing with my friend Maverick, who is a 5 month old German Shepherd puppy and although he is bigger than me, he never gets his own way.
I do get into lots of mischief and I especially like to steal the washing which is hanging over the drier, and sitting on the back of the armchair so I can look out of the window. Keith says I have a lot of "Westietude" but Susan says that it's me being a little tinker! I have learnt to sit and stay, and come when I am called, and walk very well on my lead, until I see my friends that is !
I was very young when you took me into your care, and I would like to thank very much both you and Ian for finding me a forever home with Keith and Susan.
I am one very happy westie puppy.
Lots of love and kisses



I arrived into my forever home in Churchdown on the 23rd February 2013 after Rob introduced himself to Mo and Ian, and collected me from Westies in Need, North Yorkshire. I am a 3 year old , since arriving at the home of Rob and Loraine I have made lots of friends both canine and human. I share our house with 2 teenage children, Olivia and Louis and they have become my best friends and I enjoy playing,walking,grooming, and cuddles with them both. Lots of people visit our home and most of them come to see me! We recently had a French exchange student come and stay, and I really liked her!
I have been mischievous at times, but that is just my character.Phil, the Trophy food rep, called and I barked at him, it was the first time anyone had heard me bark! I continue to bark when Phil calls but Rob assures me that Phil is friendly and is delivering my food and treats but Rob realises that I am protecting the home where we live!
When any of the family leaves the house and I am settled in the kitchen with treats and the radio is left on, I want to see them off so I climb on the chair by the front window. I'm not really meant to climb on the chair though!! If I can't get to the chair I run upstairs and look out from Louis front bedroom window!
I am allowed to run off the lead and on a recent walk up the hill I found a lovely muddy patch to roll in and to make by bath time really worthwhile I found a watery patch of mud. Loraine said 'I had put black boots on'.
I've met older members and friends of the family, and although they aren't as agile as the youngsters they enjoy my company, stroking and talking to me. I have been introduced to Fiona who is my groomer.She is gentle and has a soft spot for me, and has agreed for me to visit every 6-8 weeks for a treat.
Now the weather is better Rob and Loraine are working in the front garden and I am allowed to be with them whilst they work as long as I am attached to my ground pole.I see people,dogs,cats,cyclists, and cars drive by and ensure that I am noticed!
Monty x

Olly now Tollie

Hi Tudor, Nicola, and Mo
Yes it's me- Olly that was !! Thought I would let you know how I am getting on after you all have done so much for me.I have been such a lucky boy since I met Tudor and Nicola, and of course I miss them and Jilly, but my new Mum Dee, has tried very hard to make me feel at home and says to tell you I have been very very good.Big Black Mel (my new BIG sister) has been very nice and didn't even mind when I tried to help her with her dinner- she just moved away to let me tuck in ! But Dee put paid to that, and explained that it was not polite....we now eat in different rooms, and Dee says I have eaten very well.I have also walked beautifully on the lead, and enjoyed racing around the garden (Mel chased after me one day but I beat her!!) Dee's 2 stepdaughters (whatever they are) came to meet me and thought I was the most absolutely gorgeous and cuddly thing they had ever seen. Dee just smiled at that 'cos she knows what Westies are REALLY like!
We have just come back from our morning walk and we are both muddy and sopping wet. We have had great fun being rubbed down with a towel ( I like that and so does Mel) then Dee said I got the wind up my tail and shot all over the house, and up and down the stairs.Mel was amazed, but I felt good afterwards So you can see I am settling in well. Must go to sleep now!
Lots of love and licks from

note from Mo, thank you so much to Tudor and Nicola for fostering Olly, and to Dee and Mel for giving him a much deserved loving home
Sorry quality of picture is not good, too many pixels to upload to website, so I have had to print and scan

Jack (formally Jake) and Lily

Dear Mo and Ian
We are very sorry it has taken so long to write to you, but it has been a busy old time in the lives of two westie rescues! Can you believe that it is actually one year today since we decided that Kris was not leaving your house without us ? We spent some time teaching Kris the rules and settling into our new home, so that it runs as we like it.
Jack is the sweetest boy, who adores rolling over to have his tummy tickled. He is very affectionate, loving and loyal. He takes some time to face the day each morning, so prefers not to be troubled too much whilst he is still in bed, however the sound of a fox or squirrel in his garden soon gets him up!
Lily is more subtle in her affections, pretending that, when she snuggles up, she is simply allowing Kris to share the sofa. She also likes to think she is the boss, but defers to Jack on matters of grave importance. Lily loves the ball, her toy rabbit, and toy hedgehog, and will play happily with these, running like a greyhound for a thrown ball. Kris gets more tired than she does during this activity ! Jack likes ball where he can pull the squeaker out of and has an on-going competition with himself as to how quickly he can remove the squeaker once he has a ball.
We love the local parks, one of which has a river where we go paddling and swimming and which has lots of squirrels. We both think mud is fabulous and Lily has a magnet for muddy puddles. We also take very seriously our border patrols of our large garden, which we undertake very regularly. It's a good job we are here, or there is no telling what might venture into our territory!
We are the most wonderful westies and remind Kris every day that she is very lucky to have us.
Thank you very much Mo and Ian, for finding us someone we could train so well, and for looking after us whilst we were in foster. We miss you, but are looking forward to next year, particularly as Kris is having a swimming pool created for us. She calls it a pond, but having already explored the hole being dug, we know better !
Lots of love and keep doing such a fantastic job rescuing our comrades!
Jack and Lily xx


Hi my name is Charlie and I was adopted recently by Carl and Bev, who both adore me. I love my new home and I go to the park every day for a run with my new doggie friends, I get lots of treats, and lots of love from everyone I meet.

Thank you Mo, and thank you to Karen for helping me find my forever home.


Note from Mo

I am sorry the quality of the picture is not good, but it was sent with too many pixels, so I have to scan and print to enable it to be added to the website


Hi Mo
Just an update for you in my forever home.
I came to the Bradburys back in 2010 , I think
I have settled in really well, and I am part of the family, ( I think I am the best loved)
At Christmas we did a charity Santa run, as you can see I loved dressing up for the occasion!

Thank you for finding me my forever home



Spencer and Findlay

These 2 boys are enjoying a snooze in their forever home in West Yorkshire, where it's raining so they don't want to go out, they have settled in really well, and have taken over the sofas
update, what a lovely recent picture received of the boys



My name is Mack and I am in my new forever home with Joan and Kevin, in Durham, I will be staying here forever because I have shown a ton of love and affection that I have for my adopters. I think I am going to play for the first 6 or 7 years , then maybe I will chill out for a bit ( I cannot guarantee that though lol) . I love my back garden and have a wee friend Milo, the miniature Jack Russell opposite my house. My spot in the house is on the top of the settee. Joan bought me a bed, ( I am not sure why because I sleep on the double bed ) . I love my long woodland walks and my Mam and dad say they are taking me to the caravan for a holiday. I cannot wait to go running along the beach.

Thank you Mo and Ian for rescuing me, and giving me a lovely new life

I am a very happy boy
Love, Mack xxx

Claire Bear

I have been in my forever home for 5 months now, and I was old enough to be spayed, so that has been done. I had rather a short trim at first to remove the last of my matts, and I have now had my second trim and have been told I am quite a looker, as you can see from my picture.
I love my Trophy food and treats, and get so excited at meal times I do a little dance! There are 2 lovely parks for my walks where I enjoy meeting doggy friends, and people and children. I patrol my garden giving barks as required and I make sure next doors cat does not trespass !
My Mum and dad think I am someone special, and I am well on my way to training them up !

Living here in Romford is pretty good

Daisy and Benny

We drove up to Lorna's on Sunday morning to collect Benny and Daisy, and I must have asked Jackie are you sure we are doing the right thing so soon after losing Megan - about a dozen times and every time we felt sure we were making the right decision ( too much thinking time on our hands whilst driving up).
But when we saw them for the first time at Lorna's it was love at first sight. THEY ARE ADORABE!, how anyone could not want them is beyond words, their loss is our gain, I think Megan was looking out for us.
On the long journey home they both slept most of the way, apart from a wee stop to stretch our legs and have a drink of water.
Our main concern was of course their first meeting with Dillon and Anna so when we first got back home Jackie quickly opened up the house and patio door, so Dillon and Anna could go out for a wee, and to put their leads on ( our next door neighbour Maureen had been looking after them, popping round and letting them out, but Dillon can't get enough wee's in) I in the meantime was getting Benny and Daisy out of the car so they could relieve themselves on our front lawn, and then I led them into the front room where Dillon and Anna were waiting on their leads. Jackie and I could not believe what happened next , it was like they already knew one another, they just 'clicked', so off came the leads and they all ran out into the back garden for 'sniffs' around.
That evening they had the run of the house, and settled one each on the sofa's.
Next day we booked them into the vets for a 'once over' , and Shannon the vet thought they were wonderful !, and that they have a brilliant temperament.
Benny passed with flying colours, only needing to lose a bit more weight
Daisy was also fit and healthy apart from her ears which were a bit waxy ( she has just a small opening in her ear canal, which means she is prone to infection if not regularly maintained.

We are feeling like we are the luckiest Westie owners on the planet, Megan has not been forgotten, and the tears still come, she will never be forgotten, but our love for her has now found a new forever home for Benny and Daisy

We cannot thank Westies in Need enough for the joy you have given to us.

Malcolm and Jackie

Note from Mo
What a lovely message and picture, and a big thank you to Lorna for fostering, Daisy did have an ear infection when she came into rescue, which was treated prior to her being spayed, but has Westies can suffer with ear problems but with regular checks this can be monitored. Benny was overweight when he came into rescue but with the good Trophy food and exercise he was losing weight.



I came to my forever home in 2010 as a 2 and a half year old westie, I am now 7 and still love my family to bits !
We have lovely walks and holidays, and although my human brother and sister are growing up they still have time for me. My forever parents are a bit soft with me but with a face like mine who can blame them ! hope you are all well and if we come up to Yorkshire on our travels we will come and see you.
Love, Bobby

This picture of me in a Christmas outfit on a charity walk


Hello, I have been in my new forever home for about 5 months now, I really like it here, I was 2 years old a few weeks ago. I still bark a bit at other dogs when I am on my lead, but I am getting better ! I have made a lot of new friends when out walking. My new friend Lucy and I get on really well together ! we often curl up together as you can see from the picture.

Big woofs and lots of licks from Teddy

Lucy sends lots of woofs as well !

Oscar, was Radley

Hi Mo, its Oscar, was Radley !
It has been a year now since you found me my new home. As you can see I have put on some weight, and have been to the groomers. I am now a real handsome boy. I have settled in really well and love to play with my big Westie brother Alfie. I am a cheeky boy and I love to tease Alfie by pinching his toy and making him run around the garden after me, to try and get it ! Also if no one wants to play or are not paying me attention then I just keep barking until they do ! I have made lots of new friends on my walks and go to the beach a lot with my special friends Amber and Findlay, where I paddle in the sea, but my favourite thing is to chase the seagulls. I love feed time, and have had to have a special slow feeder bowl because I was eating my Trophy food too fast.
It has been a great year, and I am so pleased you looked and took care of me when I needed it, and thank you for finding me my lovely new family, who I love lots, and I just wanted you to know I am a very happy and loved little Westie
Oscar xxx

Humphrey, Lilly, and Penny

Hello Mo

Humphrey, Lilly and Penny, here from Kent. We are all happy and settled, and in charge ! Mum says its the best thing she ever did, fostering for Westies in Need - we made sure she adopted us. We spend lots of time on squirrel patrol in our garden, then when we come in we all try to get on Mums lap, or Dads lap if he is not at work.
Everyone loves us, there are 8 dogs here , when the rest of the family visit; and only 7 humans- we are usually less trouble than them Mum says !

Keep up the good work,
Humphrey, Lilly and Penny,
Sue and Kevin

Bentley and Midget

Well here we are in North Yorkshire, after Lynn and Charles drove down to Portsmouth to collect us from Barbara who was fostering us. We were very well behaved in the car, and are enjoying our new forever home. We have been to see the donkeys and the other dogs, and seem to be getting accepted into the gang ! my skin is still a problem (Bentley) but slowly the hair is growing back - if I would just leave it alone ! but my life long pal Midget had to do the walk of shame to the vet for being a bit porky- so she is on a diet !1

Thank you to Barbara who fostered and looked after us whilst we were waiting to find Lynn and Charles

Bye for now
Bentley and Midget xxx

Note from Mo

Lovely to hear this two lovely dogs have got a lovely forever home, and thanks to Barbara for fostering them, Barbara gave Lynn and Charles our supply of the Dermacton products to use on Bentley, and I have given them the link to PetNat to purchase further supplies. Midget did come into rescue very overweight, and Barbara had already started to cut down on the amount of the Trophy food we use for all our dogs, they both needed grooming when they arrived in rescue so they made a visit to the groomers, as well as the vets, soon after arrival with Barbara

Poppy ( Nee Penny)


This little monkey came to live with us in December 2014, after we lost our last Westie, Molly, in the August

Poppy must have already known we needed her as she was so pleased to meet Lesley (Her new Mum) and also was soon asleep on my lap once we were in Mo's house.

Poppy settled really quickly and is a very gentle and loving little girl, although she did need quite a bit of lead training before we felt confident enough to let her off the lead where we live.

She can often be seem chasing the pigeons around the garden, or trying to annoy our cat, who she actually gets on very well with.

She also loves it when the Grandchildren come around, as they play with her for hours, which she really enjoys.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have Poppy around, she is such a character, and we look forward to many more years together.

We must also say thanks to Mo and Ian, without which Poppy, and many other Westies would sometimes still be living sad and painful lives- thank you guys

Steve and Lesley

Note from Mo, thank you for your kind words, I do have to mention in this little Westies case, the previous owner had taken care of her but the lady was not well, and Poppy was a very young dog, who needed lots of attention.


Letter from Carol and John
We adopted Tess when she was a year old, she is now 8.

We could not walk with Tess at first, she just went round and round in circles, on her lead. But with a little time and patience she now walks to heel. It took Tess 18 months to get to trust us, and get her clean. But 'wow' what a super dog we have now. Tess enjoys a good lifestyle with us, she looks forward to her holidays travelling in our motorhome. Tess loves to be off the lead playing and charging around the fields with her friends. She is a wonderful, loving companion

Bertie (was Bruiser)

Bertie is the best think that came into our lives, he has settled in wonderfully well. A happy boy he makes friends easily and has a fan club at the local park ! He loves the beach, and cliffs, and is so happy when people stop to say 'hello'. He no longer barks at everything in sight and plays nicely with all dogs . His sore itchy back has responded to a better diet and regular baths, and his skin is now lovely and pink. With his regular walks he has lost some weight and is looking and behaving great.
He coped well with the fireworks, and takes life in his stride


The picture of Maizie was taken when Fred went to put the green bin out, and she insisted on going too. She is a sheer joy, affectionate and very intelligent (MENSA standard!) she loves chasing the ball on the field and has now encouraged Elsa to do the same. Elsa has become more animated since Maizie came into our lives which is great to see. Maizie loves to snuggle close to you when we sit on the settee, I am sure she can tell the time- she barks for her breakfast and as soon as she returns from her early morning walk, and also at 5 o' clock for her tea!
She teases Elsa by blocking doorways and the bottom of the stairs so she cannot pass ! They are good friends and look out for each other.
She is marvellous with the grandchildren and they love her. Maizie is a beautiful girl and we are very blessed to have her in our family

Bonnie , was Betty

note from Bonnie's adopters

We can't believe it was 4 weeks ago when we came to collect Betty- as you know we decided to change her name- as we felt she was more of a Bonnie than a Betty. She is indeed looking very bonny after being groomed, our groomer said how very well behaved she was whilst being groomed.
She is settling in very well, having taken over the settee, we have in our sun lounge- the cushions were actually meant for my wife Eileen ! We cannot tell you how much joy she has brought into our lives after losing our previous westie Misty, last year.
She is however very demanding, ( no more lie ins for us in the mornings!) always wanting to play or made a fuss of, but we are always delighted to do so.
She has been very good when out meeting people, or other dogs, although she does very occasionally show some small signs of aggression when meeting the occasional visitor to our home - particularly the window cleaner (but not towards his westie Charlie who he brings in his van )- he will insist on wearing a baseball cap !

We are very much looking forward to our future, and hopefully our new adventures with Bonnie and would like to thank Richard and Janie, and Mo,
for helping to bring her into our lives

Bill and Eileen

note from Mo picture will not upload to website as it is not in jpeg format, will try to add later


note from Christine and Dave
Milly has fully recovered from her op, and her hair has grown back well. She is a real character, very vocal in that she talks to us, very loving, but a typical westie, she is boss! She loves her trice daily walks, and is slowly coming to terms with the car. She has been on her first caravan holiday, and loved it. She is 'on watch' from waking up on a morning to going to sleep at night. She has also taken a great liking to our daughters 2 springer spaniels, and loves to play with them. No problems eating the Trophy food, in other words she is very well loved, and it was meant to be.

Note from Mo
This little westie was in a 'pound' and due to be pts, thanks to Kelly-Joy at Animal Lifeline who contact me to see if we could help, and then thanks to Heather Gibson who went to collect her, and then met with Dave and Christine who had agreed to foster her. She needed a big operation to remove a lump from her body, and she was spayed at the same time, microchipped, vaccinated etc, thankfully the lump that was removed was benign, as you can read above Christine and Dave fell in love with her, and once again became 'failed fosters'. We think the reason Milly did not like going out in a car was because, she was possibly 'dumped' from a car, then collected by the dog warden, in a car, and taken to the 'pound'.


Message from Mac
I am really happy in my new forever home with Sue and Alistair, they were fostering me, and I wanted them to keep me forever, so they have! They keep telling me I am a good boy, so I must be. I still don't like people coming to my house, but I think I will get better. I like my Uncle Frank who lives next door, he throws little plastic balls over the fence for me, but I have to sit still and stop barking first. I am getting very good at this, and even sit for Beth who is Uncle Franks granddaughter, and she is not 2 yet. Thank you for looking after me when Sue and Alistair went on their holibobs, I had lots of fun playing with all the other dogs. I think we may be going to Scotland for a holiday in a cottage next, and so I will have lots of exciting adventures to tell you about. I have been up to the groomers today, so I really need to go out into the garden and get up to mischief as I am just far too white !

Lots of Love from Mac the Westie, (and Sue and Alistair) xx

Little Ted, was puppy Timmy

Little Ted here

I have certainly made myself at home, I have become a massive part of the family, and love playing in the garden, but I get told off at times for digging. Everyone I meet loves me, and my Mum and Dad say I am a good boy (most of the time) I am a proper little character and a very happy boy as you described me when I was in rescue. I love to settle down at night and have a sleep under the coffee table and everyone can draw their breath ! I am constantly 'on the go' but love my cuddles and 'Auntie Mo' tummy tickles. I also know how to sit on command and give my paw


Many of you have seen Skye on the website, this is an update from Skye
Hello Aunty Mo and all the Westies in Need followers
Just thought I would let you know how I am doing and catch up on our westie news..... its been nearly a year since I joined the Nosey Barkers Clan.... one frantic phone call to Mo late on a Friday afternoon, saw me being released from the breeding hell that kept me captive for so many years... I was not feeling well at all when I came home, but luckily my new carers took me to the vet straight away, and John operated immediately... I had been sold with Pyometra and had only a short time to live, had it been left... Westies in Need stepped in to cover all my medical bills, and I recovered really quickly, it took me a long time to realise that this is my forever home...and now I feel happy and settled...I love my garden and our Westie walks, I have a box full of toys to play with, and slowly I am learning to share with my 3 sisters, an 4 brothers... I love them all, and spend my days playing with them, my best friend is Brogan Bear, he is a Scottie
note from Mo


Fifteen weeks ago we were joined by Crosbie, he too was very poorly when he arrived, but Mo at WiN said he could have everything he needed to get him well. He had some teeth removed as they were rotten and so painful, he was also castrated...Finally from a little bald pink man covered in sores emerged a fluffy white westie boy, that plays and prances around, we call him the waggiest westie because his tail never stops... he was so scared when he arrived, but me and the Clan look after him and I told him that there are so many good people out there that look after poorly pups like us...and he too has decided he wants to stay here with the Clan...Aunty Mo agreed we can stay here forever now and we are happy, its all thanks to the love and dedication that Westies in Need and all its lovely followers give by supporting and donating.. that helps dogs like us get another chance in life.
Recently we were so lucky to meet Mo when she came to visit us, and she did not stop smiling when she saw how well we both are, and how happy
Note from Mo
I massive thank you to Mo C and Doug, and the Clan for caring as you do for these special dogs, it was lovely to come and meet you, and hope we can do this again, and hope someday you will all arrive into North Yorkshire to visit us xxx

Heidi (was Piper)

It is now some weeks since we collected Piper, who we have now renamed Heidi, and she seems to be adapting well to her new name. I still think my name of 'Spartacus' would have been more suitable seeing her playing with Daisy and Benny (also adopted from WiN)
Heidi is settling in really well, she loves having her teeth cleaned, being brushed, going out for walks, eating my porridge in the morning, taking up what did remain of the bed at night, and doesn't mind travelling in the car sitting between Daisy and Benny when we go down to the coast. She is sleeping very well, eating and poo'ing well, we have not left her for long on her own yet but we do walk out of the door and listen out for her, but all is well so far.
Best of all is the way Benny and Daisy have accepted her, and she loves playing with Benny, jumping on his back to get him to play, and then chasing Daisy around the garden looks like they are fighting being all teeth and growls but its the ne thing we noticed when we first had Benny and Daisy but nobody gets hurt and they keep coming back for more.
We have noticed you have to have eyes in the back of your head as she loves putting things in her mouth, and she has gone through rubber chew toys, so we are keeping Pets at Home in business !
Thank you again for letting us give Heidi a Forever Home

Malcolm and Jackie


Message from Jeff who adopted Baily
After having Bailey for a month I thought I would send you an update. We cannot believe its only a month as he has quickly become part of the family and we would like to think he has accepted us, Scooter and Dizzy Doris. He is going for his walks and runs/chases around the garden with the other two, and barking at next doors dogs. He is an excellent guard dog barking at every visitor to the house but once they are inside he is their best friend. He still grumbles all the time but everyone just ignores him, and he has earned the nickname "grumbles".
At night he loves to jump on the sofa and snuggle up to Jean or myself depending on who has the best view of the television, he does love watching TV although he does not like football a great deal.
He has managed to get himself into our bedroom to sleep, although he has accepted seniority that Scooter sleeps on the bed, and he has a bed next to it.
Finally thank you for letting Bailey come into our lives
Note from Mo

It was a pleasure fostering Bailey, who loved watching TV.