Dear Molly was ‘bought’ from a KC registered breeder by then 80 yr old people. Molly is deaf and is now 3 yrs old.

Her previous owners were getting complaints about her barking, WiN accepted her into rescue and she is in foster with Mo and Ian in North Yorkshire.  Mo and Ian have taken her to their vets today to find out if anything could be done to help her to hear. Unfortunately, the advice given was not what they wanted to hear, dear Molly was born deaf, so will remain this way. Molly is spayed etc.

She is starting to respond to signs, and when she can see you she does as you ask. She is such a lovely westie who loves cuddles, her trophy food, and gets on fine with their other dogs. She sleeps well at night, and Mo gets a lovely greeting from her when she comes downstairs on a morning. Molly and her big black eyes are beautiful. She will need a forever home with a nice garden with few neighbors, no passing traffic, or people, dogs. She can never be allowed ‘off lead’ She loves people.