April – Not For Adoption

On the 5th March 2021 WiN got a phone call from another rescue asking if we could help with an ex breeding girl who clearly had some medical issues. Aside from being very smelly and ungroomed, she had a very swollen stomach but at the same time was extremely skinny, (we could feel every bone in her spine). We took April under our wing and took her straight to our local vets at Coxheath in Kent. She was examined and we were told we should have her put to sleep ! This was without a proper diagnosis, the vet had guessed at a few things that could be wrong with her but no blood tests or scans were offered. Just to PTS her !
That is not what our rescue is about. We could see that April was young and she deserved a chance at life, so after numerous vet visits to a new vet, the fluid that was in her stomach was drained off, scans and x rays were taken, and we were told she had liver cancer. But it was operable, so on the 23rd March 2021, April had 2/3rds of her liver removed. She was very malnourished and dehydrated from her previous life and it was concerning that she may not make it through the operation. But she did, she is a fighter through and through.
She is now “living the dream” with Richard and Janie and their other dogs in Kent. She has gone from the horrible life of being a breeding machine, living in horrible conditions, hardly able to walk because of her fluid retention, not knowing love or affection, nor fun and play as a young dog should, to being happy, healthy loved and wanted. She has put on a good amount of weight, and she loves her food. And most of all she loves her cuddles. Her confidence in humans has grown and with each day so has her trust. We don’t know how old April is, but she is younger rather than older, possibly about 3 years old. She cannot be re homed as she needs to have 4 monthly check ups (scans under light sedation) to make sure the cancer isn’t returning, so will remain under WiNs wing.

Aprils story is one of many that we get involved with. Most dogs that come into our care need some sort of vet treatment, and neutering . The donations and contributions all go towards their upkeep and care whilst in WiNs care and making a westies life as it should be, a happy one.