About Us

Lovely dogs and lovely people

Westies in Need is a small rescue having started in North Yorkshire approximately 11 years ago and is now also based in Kent, although we cover all areas. Mo and Ian are based in North Yorkshire, and Richard and Janie in Kent. Mo and Ian have 22 years experience of helping Westies and Janie and Richard, 17 years.

Wallace and Jilly

Everyone who is a part of our dedicated team are westie experienced and are part of our rescue because they want to help these little dogs. Here at Westies in Need, we make sure every dog that comes into our care is looked after and assessed by one of our wonderful and dedicated volunteer foster team who take the dog into their home making sure that he or she feels safe and loved. If they require any medical treatment we make sure that they get the treatment and all dogs are micro chipped and castrated or spayed if needs be prior to rehoming. We only rehome dogs when they are ready, having been assessed, and we make sure that the right dog is matched to the right home.

Harry and Hamish

We also offer an “After Care Service” for any adopters who need further advice, or for anyone who has a Westie and is experiencing problems, we are more than happy to offer our services. Please see the Contact Us Page for help.


Our Rescue relies on Donations and fundraising, all of which go directly towards helping the Westies, none of our team are paid. We are always grateful for any Donations and should you wish to help by sending a Donation please go to the Donate Button.

Please note we do not have any westies ready for rehoming at the moment. This is only a temporary situation, however we are not accepting any applications to adopt for the time being but thank you for your interest in Westies in Need. Please keep checking the website for future updates. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, if you are interested in either adopting a westie, volunteering to help or have a westie that needs to come into rescue then please go to the Form page, download the appropriate form, fill out and return to Janie at westiesinneed@vfast.co.uk If you have any problems downloading the form please do not hesitate to contact Janie. Her numbers can be found on the Contact Us page.