Harry and Hamish

All the images you see here are just some of our adopted dogs happy in their new homes

For your attention: - If you are interested in adopting a Westie, please make sure prior to phoning or emailing, you complete an Application to Adopt form and send it in.  

For your attention: - In October 2021 Westies in need had to increase the contribution guide on the application to adopt, due to price increases for vets bills and food for the animals. Due to an admin error the website was accidently posted with the old prices instead. We please ask if you have already downloaded a form to do so again and resubmit to accept the new prices. We are sorry for the inconvenienve this may cause.

We have been informed some devices are struggling with the Application Forms. All devices should be able to download the PDF version however some may struggle with the Word documents unless you have Office Word or some kind of Word processor on your device. We are trying to correct this but any problems please get in touch though our Contact Us page.

Adoption Form

Word Format Documents:

Adoption Application Form Word

PDF Format Documents:

Adoption Application Form PDF

Our Adoption Process:
Once you have submitted an Adoption Application Form to us, you will be contacted to find out whether you have been selected as eligible for our adoption process. 

The next step is to then organise a home check with one of our lovely volunteers, who will come and chat with you about our westies, check to confirm all the details on the application form and to confirm whether the garden safe and secure. If everything looks good the house check will be signed off. 

From here an applicant will be asked to keep checking the website for dogs in foster and then to contact us with any dog they have in mind.  If we think the match is a suitable one for you or your family,  then you will be asked to come meet the dog you have picked.

If all goes well at the meeting, then we will go through the final processes of being able to adopt the dog.

After Care Service
We offer an after care service for any adopters.  This service is if you have any questions or need any further assistance with your new pet.  Don't be frightened to get in contact as we know the first few days/weeks can be difficult for everyone to adapt to the change and a new environment. However, we are always here to help and love to answer questions and help both you and your westie where we can.



What if it doesn't work out?
It's unfortunate but sometimes things don't always work out between you and your westie but not to fear Westies In Need are happy to go through our rescue back process and bring the dog back to foster where we will continue to look after the westie until it finds it's forever home.