Bella – Adopted

16th February 2021

Gorgeous Bella is 5 years old and is a Westie Cross, rescued from Bulgaria so her background is uncertain. She is spayed and micro- chipped.

She is in foster with Jackie, in Flyde, Lancashire. Jackie says that when Bella first went to her she was extremely timid and seemed scared of her own shadow. She seemed very confused as to her surroundings but by the end of the day she was taking food from Jackies fingers and resting her head on her knee.
Her favourite pastime is cuddling up or following you from room to room, especially when you are making dinner ! She doesn’t seem to know how to play, but over the past few weeks has become a bit more confident and now loves chasing Jackie and being chased around the coffee table and out into the garden.
Bella is a pretty little girl and is very gentle when taking treats from you. Although she loves her food, she never grabs or rushes it. However, she does like a good scavenger hunt, so watch where you put your toast !!
She is clever and obedient, and very calm in the house. She is a good house dog as she lets you know if there is a stranger at the door but she does not bark or yap without reason.
She loves her walks out and will sit by the front door waiting to go out when you put your coat on. Jackie is working on Bellas lead walking. Whilst she walks well on the lead and is inquisitive, she is very scared of other dogs and some people.

Jackie says that Bella is no trouble in the house. She will lay by Jackies desk whilst she works and sleeps in her basket overnight and is house trained.
Bella is extremely loving (and fluffy) and Jackie feels would make a lovely companion for a caring person who can give her a lot of affection and attention. She just loves to snuggle up to her own person.

If you have any interest in Bella please make sure you have completed an application to adopt form before contacting us. With Covid restrictions we are taking applications but things are not moving as quickly as usual and any approved applicant will have to travel to meet with Bella in her foster home under Covid guidelines.