BUDDY adopted

Westie Buddy needed to come to the rescue due to being left for long hours each day, he came in without most of his belongings but did come with a cat carrier which he had chewed to try and get out. this led to him having problems with his back legs as he could not stand up, in this carrier, he is underweight and has matted fur, we will be arranging a vet appointment as soon as possible for a full health check. Buddy was 1 year old on the 17th of March 2023. He is not yet housetrained. Since coming into rescue he has now got a bed, toys, good quality food, and puppy pads! Buddy is in foster with Lorraine and family in Essex

Note from Lorraine

Buddy arrived with me on Saturday 24th March

He is the sweetest dog, has a very sweet nature, wants to be everyone’s friend, is very loving full of life, enjoys walks on a lead, loves food, and eats very well, sleeps well in his bed.

He was castrated at 6 months old!

Still being trained with puppy pads, but will bark to go in the garden, including during the night.

He was very underweight, not toilet trained, and had matted fur under his arms when he arrived. So will need grooming.

His only downfall is he has a very loud bark, which he will do when he meets other dogs or hears an unusual sound

I have had other dogs visit my home and they have all got on very well, apart from his barking, but we are getting there!

He has a habit of sitting with his tongue out, which makes him even more adorable

He will make the right person/ family very happy


A big Thank You to Lorraine, Buddy is coming on in ‘leaps and bounds’ and is now a very happy pup. we have had loads of applicants interested in adopting Buddy, so I am not accepting any more applications for him, and I will be making a decision as to who I feel is the most suitable applicant, and they will be going to meet with Buddy soon. I will update you again when the approved applicants have met Buddy. Thank you so much for the many applicants who have shown interest in this Westie

Update 19.04.23

I am delighted to say we have got the perfect home for dear Buddy, dear Gill and Andrew travelled down to Essex on Monday and met with foster Lorraine and her family, on Tuesday, they fell in love with Buddy immediately, and he was with them, so he is now in his forever home in West Yorkshire and is settling in so well. Thank you to the many applicants who showed an interest in this dear pup.

I love my new bed
I can smile
It’s good being outside
sniffing the grass