Crinan adopted

Crinan is a 13yr old male westie in long term foster with Carolyn and Martin, so he is not up for adoption, This sweetheart has now been adopted by Carolyn and Martin, no adoption contribution is required, thank you to Carolyn and Martin for taking Crinan into your care and love x

Note from Carolyn

As you can see Crinan is absolutely adorable, he is very affectionate and gentle and hasn’t barked or growled once, he does ‘squeak’ a lot when he wants food or a cuddle. He loves his ‘lick mat’ with softened trophy food as a treat, because of his broken jaw he can’t have anything chewy or crunchy so his fish, chicken and veg are mashed

His skin is very healthy, and his fur is lovely, he adores being groomed and I have only got to show him his brush and he lays on the carpet ready for a brush. he is  not on any medication and his paws  are fine

He loves going in the car but he is not a big fan of walks, but he does like to go out every day for a mooch along the lane and inspects every leaf and blade of grass! so it takes 30 minutes to go 500 yards

He does not like being on his own and gets a bit anxious if he can’t see us but he can be left for a couple of hours with his pheromone collar on.

So he is a happy boy and lovely company as he follows us everywhere to see what we are doing, typical nosey westie!