Ruby adopted

Ruby is a beautiful girl westie. She is 5 yrs old and very affectionate. She is not yet spayed, but this will be arranged soon

She is so well behaved in the housethat sometimes we forget she is here and have to go and search her out. That said, she is a good little house dog and always lets us know  when someone is coming up the path.

She is  clean in the house and loves to snuggle in her basket watching us work or relaxing with us on the sofa watching TV

Her favourite TV programme                Anything to do with dogs, but particulary, Dog House and Pets behaving badly

Favourite movie                                     Cats and Dogs

Ruby loves her walks. As soon as we put on our dog walking coats she sitsat the front door, exited to be going out and she does tell us to hurry up if she thinks we are taking too long to put on her boots. She will walk all day if you let her, she moves at quite a pace for a westie and is not bothered by traffic

She travels very well in the car and loves looking out of the window. She can’t wait to get in as soon as the door opens she knows we are going on an adventure. She is clever and inquisitive when we are out and about and very interested in her surroundings.

Ruby loves to make new human friends when we are out walking and also in the house. She will rub noses with other little dogs on the beach and loves her Westie cousins, but she is a little wary of bigger dogs and will bark at them if they get too close and they are too bouncy. We are working on this and she gets more confident she is gatting calmer

She is very affectionate and loves to lick your nose when you bend down to put your shoes on. She loves the “westie crazy 5 minutes” when she chases us around the house playing tag

She is playful and fun to be withand really sweet. She is a lovely companion

Note from Mo ,

Ruby is in foster with Jackie in Lytham st Anns, Lancashire. Thank you for the many applications for Ruby, please do not send any more, Ruby is booked for spaying this week, when she has recovered from this, she will be adopted and going to live in her forever home.


Lovely Ruby has now been adopted, she is much loved and cared for in her forever home