Westie Millie needed to come to the rescue due to her owner’s health reasons. Millie is in foster with Jackie in Lytham St Annes

Note for Jackie

Millie “Munchkin” (so nicknamed because she is adorable) is very well-behaved. Although she is 11 years old, she acts half her age, is lively, alert, and loves to run and play.

She has been much loved by her previous owner and it shows as she has a superb temperament. Sadly due to her previous owners ill health Millie now needs a new forever home.

She is friendly and sociable with other dogs and people, but she is more used to ladies so is initially a little wary around men. She walks well on the lead and understands the command “wait” and “cross” when told at the kerb. In her previous life, Millie Munchkin was not allowed off the lead but I don’t think this will be a problem once she is settled in her new life and feeling secure.

Millie is a good house dog and lets you know when people walk by or come into the garden but she does not bark excessively when left on her own.

She has the usual Westie traits; always pleased to see you, moves into your seat when you move, loves to sit on the sofa, and have her tummy tickled (nose butts you when you stop) loves to watch TV ( gets excited when the animal programmes come on) She loved to be chased around the garden or the dining room table and will give you a kiss on the nose when she gets used to you but she is not a lap dog.

Millie loves to see you in the morning and does need to go out into the garden early to do her toilet. She gets really excited when its time to go for a walk and loves to go out. She will spend ages mooching in the garden, enjoying all the smells and is happy to do her business there when she needs to.

he is in very good health with no skin or coat issues. She is eager to put on her harness to go for a walk and will even, unlike a lot of Westies, let you wipe her paws when you get back! She is a good traveller who jumps into the car at every opportunity and looks forward to each new day and adventure.

Millie Munchkin will make an excellent companion for someone who does not want to take on a puppy but who is active, loves to walk with other doggie people, and has time to enjoy the company and affection of this very special little Westie.


Thank you to the many applicants wanting to adopt dear Millie, we now have an approved applicant who will be adopting Millie very soon

Millie checking the street
Millie sleeping
Milli watching tv