Lily adopted

Lily needed to come into rescue due to domestic violence in the home. Her owner had to move, and could no longer keep Lily

Lily will be 12 yrs young in April, she is spayed, microchipped, and is now flea and worm treated. She is in foster with Mo and Ian in North Yorkshire.

Note from Mo

When Lily first arrived a week ago she was very stressed, and couldn’t walk too well or use the step when she went out or came back in. She gets on fine with our other dogs, but the first couple of night she cried and wailed quite a lot, even though I left classic fm playing on the radio. Since then there has been a lot of improvement, I am treating the arthritis in her back legs and hips with natural products, and she lets me handle her each morning to check her eyes and ears and give her a brush, and she loved to cuddle up next to me, or Ian, on the sofas in the evening. We took her over to our vets last Thursday, and I thought she wouldn’t like the vet checking her over, but she was fine with vet Lesley, who thought she was a lovely girl.  Her vaccinations are now up-to-date, and she hardly flinched when the needle went in. Now at night I am using a natural calming spray in the rooms where the dogs  go to sleep, and since then we haven’t heard a peek from her until she hears  me coming down the stairs. Her previous owner said Lily was deaf, but her hearing has improved a bit in the short time she has been with us.


I am delighted to say Lily has now been adopted, and is living with a lovely family, who have previously adopted older westies from WiN some years ago