PADDY- Now at Peace

Welcome to Paddy who needed to come into rescue due to his owner needing to move, and could not take Paddy with her. She has had him since being a puppy. Paddy is 13 years old, he is microchipped, castrated, etc. We have booked him into our vet for a full check-over tomorrow Tuesday 05th September

Update 10.09.23

Dear Paddy was quite good at the vets. With a bit of grumbling, he let Sarah check him over. She clipped his nails, his ears are not infected but are quite crusty, so I am trying to clean these each morning, and clean his eyes, both of which he is not too happy with! His back legs are rather stiff so I am giving him a joint supplement each day. He is a funny little chap, at night, he won’t go into a dog bed or on a cushion, I don’t want to crate him, as that doesn’t give him much movement. He is quite happy to stretch out on the floor and sleep there. In the evenings he has started to want to come up and sit next to me on the sofa, but with his joint problems, he struggles to do this. There is a footstool by the sofa, which dear Poppy jumps onto to get on the sofa, he has been trying to do the same, and last night with a little bit of help he managed to do this, Bless him. He loves being outside pottering about, and the weather has been so good, as none of the dogs like the rain


We don’t feel we can rehome dear Paddy due to his years of neglect, his back legs are fused, due to him being kept in a cage for long hours, which has resulted in as being slightly incontinent, and his eyesight is not good, his ears are also infected, which again we treat him twice daily, Bless him xx

Paddy has had a very long journey today, so he is just chilling out
Meeting Poppy
Just going further up the lane to meet Scottie Wallace