Note  from Mo

I received a signed acceptance into rescue for Albert dated 10th December 2021, the owner was going to work abroad. I arranged a suitable foster home for him, and arrangements were put in place  the foster made arrangements to collect him but then she changed her mind and said she was going to keep him, then she changed her mind again and requested he come into rescue, but then would not answer the calls/messages when the foster tried to contact her, this situation continued for some time, each time she yet again requested he come in, then changing her mind many times. Recently she finally decided he needed to come into rescue, and the foster travelled to collect him. He is now safe and settled in his foster home, and much  enjoying the love, care, and attention he is getting from Kevin and Mavis,who live  in the North East of England Albert is 7 yrs old, not yet castrated, but this will be arranged prior to him being adopted

I have many applicants interested in Albert, who is not ready for rehoming due to a technicality with his microchip, when this is resolved he will be castrated, and ready for his forever home. I am not accepting any further applications for him