Buster and his brother Benji- Adopted

We welcome these 2 boys who needed to come to our rescue due to the death of their owner. They are 4 and a half years old, castrated, vaccinated, and are now flea and worm-treated.


These dear boys came into the care of Mo and Ian, in North Yorkshire, yesterday, and already have settled in so well, getting on fine with our other dogs, enjoying the Trophy small bite holistic kibble for their tea, been out to explore, settled down well in the evening. All went out for last wee’s and poo’s, then went into beds and slept all night without any sounds. We got a lovely greeting from them this morning when we came downstairs to let them all out. Then they all had their kibble for breakfast. We check all the dogs each morning, ears, eyes, etc, and give them all a brush. We added WiN name tags to both of the boys’ collars. They then spend some time outside helping Ian with some outdoor tasks., and they have now settled for a snooze

Buster enjoying his first bowl of Trophy sbh kibble.
Benji- I have nearly finished mine
Benji- I am wearing a tie so Mo and Ian can tell which is which!
Buster- just having a lick after eating my kibble
Relaxing with Ian
Tummy tickles from Ian for Benji
Benji relaxing with Mo
Buster watching TV
Watching the camera