21st August 2019

Bailey came into us due to a change of circumstances with his owners. He was a much loved westie. He is 6 years and 3 months old, and castrated. He can have a tendancy to “nip” however he has been with us a few days and we have not yet seen this but it is something that is needed to be aware of. He is a happy little lad despite some inflammation problems with his rear leg. He is on medication for this which will hopefully sort it. He has been examined by our vet and has mild athritis in both his back knees which means that he will require joint support supplements for life. He is a stocky westie and could do to lose a little weight which in turn will help his knees. Bailey can go on short walks (which he loves), and the problem in his knees does not appear to stop him from running and playing with our own dogs. He gets on fine with both people and dogs, and is obedient.  He is in foster with Janie and Richard in Kent. If you would like to know more about Bailey please contact Janie

UPDATE 28/8/2109

Bailey has settled well. He has finished his course of medication and is now just having the supplements. He loves playing outside with his frisbee, and is now able to go on longer walks. He is quite a character, and knows the commands wait and sit. He loves a cuddle and is happy to just sit with you. He is always interested in what you are doing. He still has not attempted to nip us, but he has found his lovely loud bark which he uses when he wants your attention