Charlie- Adopted

Charlie needed to come into rescue due to his owner not being able to care for his needs. Charlie will be 7 years old in May 2024. He is microchipped, castrated. He is in foster with Linda in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire

10.04.2024 update from Linda

Charlie, on the whole is a lovely dog. He loves company and being close to you. When I go to the garden nursery he comes with me in the car, and will wait nicely in the car, we then go for a walk on the field. He is ‘off lead’ on the field, his recall is great and he doesn’t want to be too far away from you. He ignores other dogs. He doesn’t run over to them, however, the dogs that have approached him were met with sniffs and no problems.

He walks great on the lead, we walked through the precinct to the butcher and he was very good. He likes to be on the bed with you at night. In the daytime he wanders freely in the garden and the house, likes the settee in the conservatory and looks out of the window.

Loves playing with his ball. Barks if someone comes to the door.

He is eating the Trophy Small Bite Holistic Kibble, twice a day. he eats well. He has had an ongoing problem trying to poo, so am am now putting a little bit of lactose in his food, to see if this helps. Hopefully now being out on walks every day this will help

Overall he will be a lovely companion for the right person, he just needs someone to care for him, and take him on regular walks, which he loves. He loves being stroked and sitting with you.

He is clean in the house, and does not chew.

I like this sofa
I will sit here at let you take my picture
exploring the garden
me again in another part of the garden