This dear Yorkshire Terrier has just arrived in foster with us in North Yorkshire. He needed to come to the rescue due to his previous owner’s health problems.

Toby is 8 years old, he was originally a stray, taken into kennels until he was then adopted in August 2022. He has had some teeth removed, and he is now castrated

I will update more in a few days, we will just now let him settle in


Toby has settled in so well, he is a little darling. Booked in for grooming next week


Toby has settled with us so very well, we love him, so we have decided to adopt him, he will stay with us until there comes a time where we can no longer care for his needs xx

05.03.2024 Toby after grooming
I think Mo needs some help to tidy the office
I think I look very smart
I have just arrived
I am just going to sit here for a while
a lazy Saturday evening
still snoozing