Jock and Rab- Adopted

Jock is 9 yrs old, and Rab is 8yrs old. they are both castrated and are now vaccinated. These 2 boys are in foster with Rosemarie in Cornwall

Update from Rosemarie 20.11.23

Jock and Rab both came into rescue through no fault of their own., having spent 8/9 years in a domestic violence household

They have now been with us in foster for just over a week. Both dogs are very loving, and enjoy cuddles and attention. They seem to be happy, active, and love to walk. Both dogs bark for various reasons when they need to go to the toilet, getting ready to go for a walk, visitors, etc all the normal reasons to bark.

Rab also barks if Jock is having a cuddle, and he is not included. We have been teaching Rab not to bark as there are plenty of cuddles to go around. He is learning and barks less, instead he looks longingly at you wagging his tail then gets a cuddle.

Rab can be reactive to larger dogs but seems to be a quick learner, I am sure with the right guidance he will control this.

Rab sometimes suffers from itchy skin, caused by all the stress he had in the past., he is biting his arm. We will treat him with the Dermacton soap bar, cream, and spray, which I am sure will soon clear up.

When they first came into rescue we didn’t think they were house-trained. One week later, we realised it was probably the stress and fear, and after 8/9 years everything they knew had changed or was gone including their mum and routines. So long as they have access to the garden and are walked, they are much better. They do not go to the toilet in the house and only have the odd accident at night.

Jock does not like Rab near him when he is eating, he barks a warning and tells him off. Watching their behaviour, , Rab eats his food very quickly and then tries to eat Jock’s which is perhaps why Jock growls. I have not seen Jock finish a meal, when he walks away, I pick his bowl up and give it back later otherwise Rab will finish it. I now feed them separately to avoid arguments.

Jock is small for a male Westie, but he is a big dog with a small body and very cute. He stares up at you wagging his tail, and your heart melts.

They are both full of energy and have so much love to give. They enjoy carrot, broccoli, or melon midday, and can be bribed with doggy treats

Update 15.12.23

We have needed to place Rab into another foster home, as it was getting a bit stressful for Rosemarie’s resident Westie, having to cope with 2 more Westies. So Rab is now being fostered by Daveena in Somerset and is settling in so well with her resident Westie Bobby. Both dogs have now had their vaccinations brought up to date and a full health check. Jock has had a urine sample tested, which resulted in him going back to the vet for a blood test. Which thankfully showed he had no issues, and his kidneys were fine

update 12.01.24

I am pleased to say Rab and Jock have now been adopted by their foster, Daveena. 2 lucky boys

With our new friend, Rosemarie’s resident Westie
we are deciding what to do next
Jock and Rab
Rab having a snooze