25th January 2021

Little Renee came into foster on 16th December 2020. Both her elderly owners had been taken into care. She is 10 years old and wasn’t micro chipped, or spayed when she arrived.
She arrived quite traumatised, and very depressed, probably wondering what was happening to her.
She likes her own space and will growl or nip when she is unsure or feels uncomfortable. She doesn’t like her feet or back legs being touched and will bite if you try to clean her feet after walking.
Renee wouldn’t let the groomer touch her and sadly the appointment she had was terminated because she became very stressed and aggressive. She was very unkempt when she arrived which indicates she isn’t used to being groomed.
Renee is in foster with Lorraine and John in Essex. Lorraine says the following about Renee

I can see her character beginning to show when she relaxes and she will sit with me on the sofa. She lets me slowly stroke her and cuddle her, but is still very wary as her ears go back and head down.
She can’t jump up on the sofa and goes stiff when picked up, I think she has arthritis in her back leg.
She has a weeping eye which needs to be cleaned daily due to a growth growing on her bottom eyelid, but the vet has confirmed that this does not cause her discomfort, but will need to be removed if it gets bigger.
She is fully house trained, enjoys walks, walks well on the lead.  Although she has a dislike of cars and will try and chase them, barking and twirling around when they pass by, she pulls quite hard on the lead when this happens and if she ever got loose, would most definitely run into the road to attack them.
Friendly towards other dogs, enjoys travelling in the car and is quiet happy just to sit in the back.
Eats well twice daily.
Loves her bed and sleeps well during the night.

Renee needs time to re adjust to her new life and with lots of time, patience, and love I’m sure she will get there.”

Renee is not spayed yet, nor is she ready for re homing. This little lady needs plenty of time, patience and love to get her to where she needs to be, and with our fosters Lorraine and John she is getting plenty of everything required.