Westie Angel needed to come to the rescue due to the arrival of a baby in the home. Unfortunately, she has nipped five times when people she did not know visited the house. She was spayed at too young an age, so this could have caused some of her behavioral problems. She is now 5 years old.

She came into foster with Paul and Heather, in South Wales, and has settled in very well, and learning, and making good progress on a daily basis, so much in fact that Paul and Heather are now adopting her.

Update from Heather and Paul who fostered Angel, and have now adopted her

After we lost our Westie of 13 years, we were heartbroken and there was a huge gap in our lives without her. The house was so quiet and, as she always went everywhere with us, we were lost. When the chance came to adopt Angel we were overjoyed but a little apprehensive about comparing her with our other dog. We need not have worried as she is an absolute joy to have around and has fitted into our home really well. She was given up for adoption at 5 and a half years old because she was very distressed about a new baby in the house. There is no doubt she was hugely loved and really well looked after, but as she is a very nervous little girl, she had not been socialised with other dogs or strangers. Since she has been with us we are working to resolve her issues but it will take some time to build up her confidence so she can enjoy life to the full. Going for walks is challenging at the moment as she gets very worried when we meet other dogs and if there is noisy traffic. However, Angel is a very loving little girl who likes lots of cuddles and playing with her toys. She is absolutely perfect and we can’t thank Westies in Need enough for making this happen for us

It’s a good life here

What a Star
Walking amongst the Daises with Heather