Bobby came into the rescue as a welfare case, he had previously served his ‘time’ in a pound. He is in foster with Joanne near Doncaster, South Yorkshire. He is a Maltese x. We believe him to be 2/3 yrs old.

Note from foster Joanne

Bobby has now been in foster for 3 weeks and has settled in lovely with the other 2 dogs here. He had a skin problem and came in with bald patches which are growing back very well now with the help of the natural Dermacton products, he was also undernourished but now with the good Trophy kibble, walks and TLC, he has improved immensely.

It did take him a little while to find his voice, but since he has, he has become quite vocal, especially at walking time. He is very friendly with female dogs, but as an ‘entire’ male he does bark at other male dogs, but we are persevering with his socialisation and also his training. When he came into foster he didn’t like to go on the grass in the garden but he has since realised that this is a safe place for him and he now loves it and also loves going for walks in the enclosed field. He was not very playful when he first arrived but now is very good at chasing my dogs and is learning to play ‘fetch’ too.

Bobby is super friendly with other people and loves lots of attention and strokes. The only thing I have noticed with Bobby is that he does not like being left alone, he does get very excited when he sees you again, whether it has been 5 minutes or overnight. I think he would make a great companion dog.

Update 03.08.2023

Bobby went for castrating yesterday, and the op went well, Joanne thinks he would be better adopted as an only dog, or with a neutered female, as he does bark at male dogs, but maybe when his testosterone settles down he would be okay with male dogs

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