Hello, I am 3-month-old westie Daisy, I needed to come to rescue because my ‘owner’ was elderly, so I was too much for her to cope with. I am flea and worm treated, but my baby teeth have not fallen out, and my adult teeth are starting to push through, so this is hurting me a bit. Ron one of WiN’s lovely volunteers collected me early yesterday morning from my previous home in Bedfordshire and travelled all the way up to North Yorkshire to meet with Mo and Ian, so I could come into foster with them. It’s a good job we all did this, as overnight it started snowing, and is still snowing today, Thursday 9th March, and I heard Mo say to Ian that there is more snow forecast until the middle of next week, I don’t think I have encountered snow before, and when I went outside this morning, I was not sure whether I liked it much! But it was good yesterday evening in the house because as I am a puppy I was allowed into the kitchen to meet the cats, WoW! 2 of them shot up to their beds on top of one of the big dressers, but the other cat Sable stayed down to investigate me, I started to run after him, and play with him, he did keep putting out his paw to ‘dab’ me but thankfully did not show his claws, as I don’t think I would have enjoyed that. Later I had my tea and then spent the evening in the living room with the 2 ScottishTerriers Wallace and Frederick, but they were able to jump up onto the sofas to get out of my way, and my short hairy legs couldn’t manage to reach to sit with my new friends, but Ian kindly picked me up, so I was able to have cuddles. I enjoyed my trophy kibble puppy food mixed with a little plain yoghurt for my supper, and at bedtime, I settled down in the utility room, with Wallace and Frederick. I did not make any sound in the night, and this morning I enjoyed my breakfast and had a play again with cat Sable, and then played with lots of toys, and now settling down for a cuddle with Ian.

Note from Mo

I do have a number of applicants waiting for westies, and it will be some time before dear Daisy is ready for her new forever home. I have just booked her into our vets for a full check-over and hopefully, baby teeth removal later next week, weather permitting.

I do have an approved applicant for Daisy, when she is ready for rehoming

Daisy on arrival
I knew I would get onto this sofa with a little help
I am still here!
more cuddles from Ian this morning whilst Mo is in the office doing my ‘write-up’ for the website
I hope she is nearly finished as I am sure it must be nearly my lunch-time!