We have been trying for months to get Millie into rescue with us, her 80 yr old owner had many health problems and was unable to provide the care Millie needed. Some kind neighbours did try to help by walking Millie, and doing what they could to help, but the owner would not sign Millie over to us. Last Friday the owner was taken to the hospital, so the following day Millie arrived with us in North Yorkshire

Millie is 10 yrs old, and as you can see has been neglected for years. We are treating her on a twice-daily basis with the totally natural products we use, Dermacton soap bar for showering, then the Leucillin antiseptic spray, then the Dermacton spray and cream to massage into her sore and blackened skin. I have booked her into our vet next week where they are going to take off as much as possible, of her fur, so we can then get to treat the whole of her skin, she will also have a full check over and any other treatment they advise, She is now enjoying the good quality Trophy small bite holistic kibble. She has settled in so well with our Scotties, Wallace and Freddie, but snapped at little Yorkie Sammy, so he stays well away from her! She sleeps well at night and loves pottering about outside

update 23rd June 2023

We took dear Millie over to our vets yesterday, Pendragon Vets, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, for grooming to remove all her long dead fur, and a full check of, her eyes, ears, nails, teeth, heart, anal glands, etc. She has got an anal gland infection, so we have got meds to treat this. We will continue to shower her every other day, and twice daily to treat her sore and blackened skin, which has started to soften already, with the Leucillin antiseptic spray, and the Dermacton products

Update 09.07.2023

Millie is so much improved, I don’t think she will ever be fully coated, but her skin is now much softer, we are now showering her 3 times a week, and treating her skin twice each day. She has the loveliest of natures, now plays with the Yorkie SS, and loves to lay next to me on the sofa in the evenings, she plays with toys

Update 22.07.2023

This sweet little girl, the skin on her back is so much improved, but still, a way to go yet to get her neck and legs fully coated, but even in these areas her skin is so much softer

Update 09.08.2023

Dear Millie’s skin is much improved, her back is now fully coated, and the skin on her underside and her legs is so much softer, she no longer scratches. We feel she could now be rehomed, and that she would be happy to live with a male dog or to be an only dog

08.08.2023 Millie
08.08.2023 much improved
22.07.2023 Just look at me now!
Time for a snooze
June 22nd Back home from the vets, so I am having a rest in my bed x
I have just wagged my tail!
June 23rd, 2023 Just look at me now!
Millie on arrival
Blackened neck
Poor darling x
her back