Westie Moo needed to come into rescue due to his owner’s health problems. Moo is 5 months old, the name on his microchip is Moose, but he answers to Moo, he is wormed, flea treated, and vaccinated, he is too young to be castrated, this needs to be done when he is 1 year, plus, old. He is in foster with Dolly in Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire RG18.

Note from foster Dolly

Moo is a delightful, good-hearted 5-month-old Westie boy, full of energy with as expected a short attention span for his age. He enjoys playing a lot and loves his walks which is always on a lead. I think he benefits from having another dog around but that dog would have to be able to stand up to him. He enjoys playing a little with our Westie who is a small lady, but it is quite overpowering for her, he pushes past her, and this is emphasised by his big size (already bigger than her and she is 7 years old),. But they have come together at times to have some good play times, running around crazily, and playing catch, but then he likes to go off on his own, looking for mice or other little animals that are in the tall grass. Moo is affectionate and very sweet and lovable

WoW what am I going to find in here?
I can hear something over there
I need to investigate this