POPPY- Now at Peace

Westie Poppy needed to come into the rescue due to her owner going into a full-time nursing home

Poppy is 10 yrs old, she has sore and blackened skin, an eye ulcer, and a swollen sore, bleeding teat. She is settling in so well with our other dogs, sleeps well, and loves her trophy small-bite holistic kibble. We are treating her blackened skin with twice weekly showers with the Dermacton soap bar, and twice daily massaging her skin with the Dermacton cream, and spray. We are using the Leucillin antiseptic spray on her eye, and her teat


We have taken her over to our vets in Kirkby Stephen today, for a full check over, and a test for dry eye, we have now got a lubricating gel for her eye, which we will use 4 times daily. Poppy is now booked in for the end of next week for her eye and teat to be operated on

It will be some time yet before she is ready for adoption

Update 03.08.2023

Poppy has been operated on, and her bleeding and swollen teat has been removed, together with another teat that was starting to swell, these have been sent away to the pathologist for a report. She has been diagnosed with dry eye, which had previously been left undetected by her previous vet prior to her coming into the rescue ( 47 pages of vet history!) We are now treating her with the Optimmune ointment, and continuing the natural treatment for her sore and blackened skin. She is booked in at our vet next week for a follow-up appointment

Update 05.08.23

The good news is Poppy is responding to the treatment of the Optimmune eye drops, but the not-so-good news is that the pathologist report states the removal of her teats shows they were cancerous, we will continue to monitor her, and she is going for a ‘follow up’ visit to our vets early next week. and will do whatever is necessary to continue to help her, Therefore Poppy will not be available for adoption, she will stay with us

Update 09.08.2023

Thankfully our vet has advised the cancer was not in her mammary glands, so that is really good news, we will of course keep monitoring her. Her wound is totally healed, and there is much improvement in her eye.


Dear Poppy is not at all well, she developed a cancerous mass, which was responding to treatment but over the last few days the mass has become larger than it was, and her eyes have lost their sparkle, she would not touch her Trophy kibble this morning, so I tried her with some plain bio yogurt which she enjoyed. She is sleeping most of the time

Poppy 08.08.2023
Enjoying her first bowl of Trophy kibble
I quite like having my picture taken
Happy Girl
Checking the floor, incase I have missed a treat