POPPY Adopted

Poppy needed to come into rescue as she had bitten the owners 21-year-old daughter on the face when she was putting Poppy to bed. Because of this Poppy was going to be PTS. Thankfully the owner contacted Mo, and she agreed to accept Poppy into rescue. Poppy is in foster with Joanne near Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Poppy is spayed, vaccinated, etc.

Note from Joanne

Poppy has been in foster with me for just over a week now and has become part of the family and has settled in well and is lovely with my own dogs.

Poppy is a lively 4-year-old Westie who can be boisterous and is very loving. She likes a lot of one-to-one time and would do well with another dog of a similar nature. She needs an experienced adopter, as she can be headstrong and quite vocal at times!

She is an intelligent girl who needs a firm hand and lots of encouragement.

She is very good on the lead but can become very vocal if approached by other dogs, although is fine in the house with my 2 dogs. She can be a greedy girl but is learning that food does not need to be guzzled straight away. She is very playful and loves her ball and also has started doing zoomies around the house, and garden now.

Whoever adopts Poppy will be very lucky as she loves lots of cuddles and attention, she has lots to give and still has time to give it.


Unfortunately Poppy attacked Joanne’s elderly dog, so we needed to remove Poppy, Ian, and Mo met with Joanne, so we could bring Poppy into us in North Yorkshire, we did have an applicant who was interested in adopting a Westie, this applicant wasn’t far away from us, so we asked her if she would be interested in fostering Poppy, with a view to adopting her. Unfortunately, this did not work out, as she said Poppy did not want to go out into the garden and also refused to go walking. So today Poppy came back into our care. She is fine with our other dogs and goes outside without any problems. When Ian collected her she recognised our vehicle straight away and wagged her tail when Ian walked towards her. I spoke with Joanne earlier to ask if she had any problems whilst walking Poppy, Joanne advised me that Poppy loved going for walks. I will post some more pictures later, but Poppy is outside at the moment, and I’m not going out as it is cold, very low clouds, and raining, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering her!

I think that’s enough pictures for now
Me again
01.11.23 This camera is staring at me, so I am staring back
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Me and my double!
Aren’t I just beautiful?
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