RAFFLES- Now Adopted

This poor westie’s owner was taken into hospital, and he was left alone with no one looking after him. We were contacted to ask for help. Thankfully Liz went to collect him, and at the moment he is in temp. foster with her in Lincolnshire Tomorrow Phil Lyons-John will collect him and travel up to meet with us late tomorrow afternoon, Thursday 21st September, so we can bring him into rescue with us in North Yorkshire. We do have 2 very needy Westies with us, Poppy and Paddy, who we will not be rehomed due to their special needs. Raffles is 9 yrs old, microchipped, castrated, etc

Update 22.09.2023

Dear Raffles had a long journey with Phil Lyons-John yesterday to meet with us to bring dear Raffles into foster with us in North Yorkshire. This poor Westie had been left on his own in the house for a week closed up in a crate with no food or water, and the relative had contacted the rspca and asked them to go and collect him, thankfully they didn’t, but a lovely lady called Jackie who always groomed him, went round to the house let him out of the crate, he then drank a big bowl of water and ate some food, she then took him for a walk, gave him a bath, his back was red and sore due to him trying to get out of the cage. I had 4 times requested the relative to ask the vet to email me the vet history, I finally received this yesterday morning 70 pages!! most of which included dispensing steroids and apoquel tablets, and anal glands emptying- I believe this was due to the food he had been given. I also requested the relative to make a contribution towards the transport costs which were £170 for Liz and Phil, but she has not responded.

Raffles has settled in so well with our other dogs, had some Trophy kibble for his tea, and for breakfast this morning. he has been exploring outside, I have treated his sore ears and skin. He is such a lovely boy

update 09.10.2023

Sorry to everyone who has shown interest in dear Raffles but we have totally fallen in love with him, and he with us, so we have adopted him. There will come a time due to our age that we may not be able to give him the care he may need, so we will then look for the perfect home for him xx


Ian and I have talked together so much about what is best now for Raffles, due to some personal ongoing health problems we now feel he needs a forever home. Whoever is lucky enough to give this wonderful Westie a new forever home will be very blessed xx

update 28.12.23

We now feel dear Raffles would prefer to be an ‘only’ dog. Over the last few weeks, he has been quite grumpy with dear Scottie Freddie. He is truly a lovely Westie who so deserves the best home

I have claimed this chair in the snug
Well it’s Christmas Eve, so I am allowing Mo to sit in my chair, as long as she cuddles me
Just having a look at the camera
Just had some Dermacton cream massaged into my sore skin
My eyes are nice and bright now
Oh good, Liz has come to collect me
WoW Raffles safe with Liz