Scruffy Adopted

This sweetheart needed to come to the rescue urgently, due to his owner having mental health problems and the owner’s father suffering from dementia

Scruffy is 8 yrs old, microchipped, castrated etc, Ron kindly volunteered to collect him, and he is in temp. foster with Ron and Tania in Oxfordshire. We are making arrangements for early next week to meet with Ron to bring Scruffy into us to foster,(Mo and Ian) in North Yorkshire

Scruffy is Westie x JRT and is settling in fine, but Ron and Tania have many dogs of their own, and Scruffy wants to play with all of them, so it would be lovely if he could be adopted by someone who has another dog where they could play together.


We arrived back home with Scruffy, after meeting with Ron. all the dogs had a good chase around for an hour or so outside, 10 month old Eddie has now got a new playmate in Scruffy. We are worn out just watching them! Let’s hope they all sleep well at bedtime, so we can!

Scruffy slept so well with the other dogs and enjoyed his breakfast this morning, they have all been out, and in, and out again, I am leaving the utility door open, so he and Eddie can come and go as they like.


We thought initially that Scruffy needed to be rehomed where there is a resident dog, but we have revised this now since we got Mollie and Millie into foster, and all the dogs are playing, Scruffy now gets jealous, and starts barking at them, so we feel he would prefer to be an ‘only’ dog

Update Great News Scruffy has now been adopted and is settled in his forever home in Scotland

I have a JRT tail and legs, but I think the rest of me is mainly Westie!
Relaxing with Mo
showing you my brown spots
A very relaxed Scruffy